I would like to talk to you about the PN ProCoach program that I personally create for my clients.
I coach people.
My mission is to cut through the confusion about everything in the fitness and nutrition industry and give you the very next step you need to be successful.  As you know, there’s a lot of confusing stuff out there. 
Coaching is my PASSION.  My lifeblood. My unique ability to help people love who they are.  
Every year the ProCoach program, powered by PN, helps thousands of people through a custom coaching and education platform.Helps clients:

  • Take control of their health and fitness.
  • With nutrition that works.
  • With exercise tailored to their needs.
  • With stress-management strategies that fit easily into their lives.

Anyway, here’s what you can expect to find in my articles, newsletters, and the ProCoach program:

  • The most-up-to-date health, fitness, nutrition, coaching info.
  • People who actually care about you and your success.
  • Advice and action-steps you can follow without stressing over unimportant details.

And here’s what you WON’T find with me:

  • Trends that aren’t rooted in science and real-world study.
  • Fads, quick-fixes, and other gimmicky stuff.
  • Confusing advice or “weird” diet tricks.
  • Advice I haven’t rigorously tested with myself and my clients.

So that’s who I am and what I do.

Starting in October, there will be another feature offered to clients:
CUSTOM eating guides.
Once you are added as a new client; accepted the invitation; and completed a special intake questionnaire. 
You will receive a totally custom, eating guide for you.
The custom eating guide will contain:

  1. Personal overview with summary of goals, activity levels, and recommended intake.
  2. Custom portion control guide, unique to you, using PN’s hand-sized guidelines.
  3. Workout nutrition guide, unique to you, based on exercise preferences and goals.
  4. Grocery shopping and meal prep guide, again, unique to you.
  5. An additional section with tips for success.

I hope you’re excited because these guides are awesome and even better, tailored for you!
These custom guides will give you value immediately.  
The nutrition program starts at $99 per month.  Additional programs (personal or online training) can be purchased al la carte.

Several packages:

  • On-line one-on-one training + Nutrition Program Powered by ProCoach
  • Once-a-week in person training + Nutrition Program by ProCoach
  • Exercise prescription (no in person training) + Nutrition Program by ProCoach
  • World Gym members receive $50 off per month.

I look forward to working with you.

Stay peachy my friends,

Your Coach,
Jessica Beardsell
Personal Trainer at
World Gym Fayette
Fitness Trainer at



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