Amp Up Your Quality H2O!

Moms & Dads of young athletes, 👦🏻👧🏻

How many of you stock up on cases of sports drinks or buy them from the snack bar at games? Do you realize how much sugar and artificial ingredients are in those drinks? Anywhere from 14-56 grams of sugar! 😧

Not to mention other artificial colorings, flavorings etc. That’s CRAZY! 😲
It winds them up only to crash later!

Why do Women Over-50 Struggle to Lose Fat?

Why do Women Over-50 Struggle to Lose Fat?

If you answered “hormones not calories” . . . You would be correct!

Hormones rule fat burning & storage. In fact, if hormones are not balanced you can store fat even with a calorie deficit.

Working with hormones requires:

  • A focus on food type and timing of consumption.
  • Matching symptoms and signs of imbalance with the hormone responsible.

What’s the connection between stress, sleep, and fat weight?

I know you’ve heard about cortisol before and how it can get in the way of results.  As well as some fat storage in the belly.

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