Fitolution – Are you an egghead?

The challenge may be over but The Fitolution continues.  

If you are a Fitness 54 member, you’ve seen the nutrition whiteboard which features a letter of the week.

This week is “E” and “E” is for Egghead.

Did you know that an egg a day keeps the crazy away?

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Why do Women Over-50 Struggle to Lose Fat?

Why do Women Over-50 Struggle to Lose Fat?

If you answered “hormones not calories” . . . You would be correct!

Hormones rule fat burning & storage. In fact, if hormones are not balanced you can store fat even with a calorie deficit.

Working with hormones requires:

  • A focus on food type and timing of consumption.
  • Matching symptoms and signs of imbalance with the hormone responsible.

What’s the connection between stress, sleep, and fat weight?

I know you’ve heard about cortisol before and how it can get in the way of results.  As well as some fat storage in the belly.

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