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Bragging rights . . . Yeppers!

tumblr_n9yoxbftLt1ssz8w0o1_1280     I just have to brag . . . my DH Scott Beardsell has been working so hard these past few months training and working out. I could share what I learned and taught him something he didn’t know but I can honestly say I couldn’t keep up with him. Read more

Euseph Messiah – The Entire Package

legacy                                     IMG_58071I

met SM (Superman) years ago and we were instant friends.  Well I was more like his mother and he more like a son that put up with my nagging and offers of help.  He is a young,  gifted, good looking, multi-talented actor/writer / producer, singer Read more

7 Food Triggers & Tricks to Battle

Happy Saturday to all,

Today I’ve been thinking about food triggers.  The top 7 would be:

  • Location – Certain chair in your house; going to grocery store hungry; or a place like a movie theatre.
  • Activity – Watching tv, studying, reading, or socializing.
  • People – Friends you normally go out with to happy hour, dinner or partying.
  • Occasions – Birthday parties, weddings, holidays, summer parties.
  • Sensory – Candy display, smell food, taste a bite of a sample at a store or restaurant.
  • Time – Time of day i.e. afternoon snack time.
  • Mood – Anger, sadness, depression, insecurity.

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My Cyber Love Tony Robbins – I made it!!

So yesterday started out with a roach crawling down my arm; breaking my breast cancer bracelet from my first BC walk; leaving my phone in the bathroom at Chic-a-fila; and 9 1/2 easy- breezy car ride. Read more

Runners . . . ankle & knee pain? Read On.

What causes some runners to complain of ankle and knee pain . . . poor hip mechanics and weak glutes. One great exercise to help with this . . . the Kettlebell swing. It streghtens the glutes and opens the hip flexors. Read more on some of the benefits of the swing ==>  Strongfirst Post. Read more

Tony Robbins & Emotions . . . Don’t let them define you!

Did you know there are over 200 emotions people could feel? My friend Molly was kind enough to give me a vocabulary list of feelings broken down in the following categories:

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Scared
  • Confused

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Driving 10 hours to see my Cyber Love next month… TONY ROBBINS!

Y’all know I’m a TR nut. I quote him daily; send you quotes; listen to him daily; start my workouts with him talking to me; used him as a relaxation technique during physical therapy years ago; pull out his Personal Power program when I need a lift or a push/shove . . . actually am currently listening to/applying it now . . . and yes fall asleep to videos of his seminars.  Yes I’m crazy I know. But life is too short not to be out-of-control living it to the fullest and with PASSION.

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Ctrl-Alt-Delete or in my case Force Quit

I just listened to the Darren Hardy Ctrl-Alt-Delete video. He has an interesting way of explaining old habits and behaviors as coming from:

  • Childhood beliefs
  • Everyone else’s beliefs
  • Adults’ beliefs
  • Friends’ beliefs
  • Loved ones’ beliefs

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10 Tips on How to Lose Weight and Reach Your Goals

Some highlights from Ben Coomber podcasts/videos #117 & #118 mixed with my take on them.

Most powerful investment you can make in life is
with your health. That carries into so many aspects
of your life which will in turn make you successful.


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Get the Edge on Mindset with TR . . . Tony Robbins


Every couple years I listen to Tony Robbin’s Get The Edge series. I decided to do that yesterday.

The homework for Personal Power Day 1 was to choose two actions & take action on them. Read more