New Year . . . Different than last year?

First off, please let me say “Thank you” for your comments and suggestions over the year.  It helps me learn and grow.


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Ben Coomber – podcast 217


Started off the weekend with Ben Coomber and podcast #217 (Toxins, the Gut and Hypnotherapy with Jaclyn Dunne); Ben’s video Diet: The DIsease of Our Generation; walked 3 miles in support of a cure for Leukemia (blood diseases) in Downtown ATL; and ended with a PN Lesson regarding the importance of nutrition, along with diet and exercise .  

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5 Reasons You Don’t Need a Coach

As part of my Body Type Nutrition course, I have access to a lot of interesting blogs.  This one was written by Troy Martin, 5 REASONS YOU DON’T NEED A COACH.

*Disclaimer: expect sarcasm.

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What is a Stitch Any Way?


You’re going to do it this time. You usually hate cardio, but dammit, you’re going to get better at running so you don’t hold everyone back when you eventually cave in and do a Tough Mudder.
You lace up your Vibrams, stretch off and you’re away, but before you even get to the end of the street you feel it set in. Your side starts cramping; it’s as if something is pulling at the inside of your torso.
You’ve got a stitch, and it sucks. What the hell is it?

Ben Coomber – #1 . . . If you’re not first, you’re last. (Ricky Bobby)


I found Benny Ben Ben on the Ben Coomber podcast early 2015 through a podcast called Fat2Fit.  He was interviewed on there and it was BC love at first site listening to podcasts which mostly also were on YouTube.  iTunes #1 UK Health & Fitness podcast.  He lives in the UK; has a great story; his beliefs and teachings are real; he walks the walk.  I listened to over 300 podcasts in the span of a little over a month; have watched numerous videos; read blogs; his writings on Facebook and Twitter; joined his Body Type Nutrition Foundation Academy and am now doing the BTN Advanced Academy.  To use his words “the man is a legend” in all that he’s taught me already and what I’m continuing to learn.

Great video . . .


Another Powerful Ben Coomber Podcast … Kids Nutrition

It makes no difference whether you are a child, teenager or adult. The association with nutrition is often the same or similar in my opinion. The struggle is real. But does it have to be a struggle? I think not.

Ben Coomber’s podcast #186 with Jennifer Bulcock was powerful and it made me think, take notes and type like a mad woman. It struck so many chords with me regarding my own health & fitness journey as a child, teenager and adult.

Ben and Jenn also offered a FREE children’s nutrition video Here and FREE Nutrition for Kids e-book download Here.


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Ben Coomber interviews Mike Dolce . . . 7 very powerful tools!


What a great podcast for New Year’s Eve! Ben Coomber interviews Mike Dolce on MMA, Fat Loss & Optimal Performance.  (Podcast 170)

In my opinion, it’s a no bullshit approach to health, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle. Below are the takeaways for me . . . Read more

5 tips from Ben Coomber/BTN Blog – How to Enjoy the Festive Season Without Breaking Your Diet

I wished I had seen this Body Type Nutrition blog earlier but would I have followed the tips. Maybe . . . maybe not. No matter.

This is day two after Christmas and day two of my cleanse. Why did I start earlier than the 24 Day Challenge? Because I wanted to “get off the heavy sugar” and feel better.  (Note:  My views have changed and my body no longer allows me to do a cleanse.) Read more

Day 2 after the Thanksgiving Holiday – 5 strategies I go back to for coming off the sugar rush

Okay. Ever had one of those days where your mind is all over the place? That would be today.

Sat down to read and everything I started just wasn’t clicking so I read partial articles and moved on to the next and repeat. Problem being I will need to go back to those articles because they are must reads or audios regarding nutrition.IMG_9338 Read more

Get the Edge on Mindset with TR . . . Tony Robbins


Every couple years I listen to Tony Robbin’s Get The Edge series. I decided to do that yesterday.

The homework for Personal Power Day 1 was to choose two actions & take action on them. Read more