Tony Robbins – some say cults or aliens . . . I say pure awesomeness!

Tony  Met TR in the late 90s.  Not physically . . . mentally.  But I will meet him personally one day the next time is he close enough to GA.  We’ve been through a lot together and many a nights I have fallen asleep to the sound of his voice on YouTube.  That is true.  I can’t make this stuff up.

He gets me pumped up, he gets me to contemplate, he challenges me and yet his voice comforts and relaxes me . . . Go figure.  Favorite TR quote (which may have come from someone else . . . If you want to take the island.  You have to burn the boats.  Hence the reason I quit my job late 2014 after 9 nine years and tripped over my passion for helping people through making health & fitness a lifestyle . . . not just a temporary change.

I’ve attended 2 UPW seminars (FL & TX) so far in 2016 and plan to crew TR events in the future.  IMG_3125
I did not firewalk the first time in FL.  Yes, I walked on burning hot coals in TX and didn’t get burned except a blister or 2 which didn’t hurt and went away without health care.  (Don’t believe everything you hear on the news.)

More on TR and my journey to follow.