Fitolution Day #21 – Front Squat & Squat and DB Press

Hello Friend,

The good news . . . this is the last day of The Fitolution Challenge.

The bad news . . . this is the last day of The Fitolution Challenge.

You’ve done some amazing work so let’s finish strong!


Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays are cardio days so stick to your cardio routine. Make sure it’s at least 30 minutes of walking, running, elliptical, biking, rowing, dancing, etc.  Make sure to warm-up properly.


Repeat after me . . . Do Front Squats First. 

Want bigger quads? Do this quick front-squat ramp before you do anything else on leg day.

Many taller lifters and those with a background in running-based sports (particularly track) tend to be posterior-chain dominant squatters, meaning their glutes and hams will activate much more easily than their quads when squatting.

If you have trouble feeling it in your quads during back squats, and feel it much more in your hips and lower back, try this simple tip: do front squats first. For those whose primary focus is raw poundage, this may seem like heresy. For the lifter looking for quad hypertrophy, however, this can be pure magic.

Front squats shift the focus to the quads and allow most lifters to be more comfortable squatting to depth compared to back squats. By starting your leg workout with front squats, you pre-exhaust the quads and grease the groove for the movement pattern. Yes, you’ll be forced to go a little lighter on your back squats afterwards, but the long-term benefits in quad strength and size make it worthwhile.

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