Fitolution Day #5

Here we go with the 5th day of The Fitolution . . .  Sorry forgot to schedule it in the queue for this morning.


Wednesdays are strength days.  Make sure it’s at least 30 minutes.  Also, make sure to warm-up properly.

Kettlebell or Dumbbell Goblet Squat
Muscle Groups:  Butt/Hips, Legs – Thighs 

Sets: 3; Reps: 10; Rest: 60

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Fitolution – How could you not love the inchworm?

How’s it going?  Enjoying some good positive results?  Great job!  Keep it up.




Abs, Butt/Hips, Legs/Thighs

Instructions –

Step 1

Starting Position:  From a standing position with your feet together or slightly apart, stiffen (“brace”) your abdominal muscles to stabilize your spine.

Step 2

Gently exhale and bend forward from your hips (“hip hinging”), keeping your knees extended (but not locked), and extend your arms in front of your body while slowly lowering your torso towards the floor until you can place your fingers or palms of your hands on the floor in front of your body.  Maintaining a flat spine and a soft bend in your knees during this movement is acceptable.

Step 3

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