Fitolution – Day #11

Eleventh day of the Fitolution . . . just 3 days left.  You’ve got this!


As you already know Thursdays are cardio days so stick with your cardio routine i.e. walk, jog, run, bike, swim, elliptical, row machine, stairs, etc.  Make sure it’s at least 30 minutes long.  Or for fun, try dancing and singing as you’re doing chores today.  You won’t realize how hard you worked or know the exact calories burned but you’ll be moving while having a good time.

Mountain Climber

Targeted body parts – Butt/Hips, Legs /Thighs, Full Body/Integrated


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Metabolism Rollercoaster – enjoy the ride

Last weekend I went to a workshop which was similar to one I had been to before . . .

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Competition is Key

I don’t normally sit this long for a sport unless it’s my boys playing hockey but I’ve made an exception for the ATL Falcons.



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New Year . . . Different than last year?

First off, please let me say “Thank you” for your comments and suggestions over the year.  It helps me learn and grow.


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Ben Coomber – podcast 217


Started off the weekend with Ben Coomber and podcast #217 (Toxins, the Gut and Hypnotherapy with Jaclyn Dunne); Ben’s video Diet: The DIsease of Our Generation; walked 3 miles in support of a cure for Leukemia (blood diseases) in Downtown ATL; and ended with a PN Lesson regarding the importance of nutrition, along with diet and exercise .  

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To Journal or Not to Journal . . . Tis the Question

Have you ever seen that 1995 movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone?  That was me when it came to nutrition.  “Is there a Problem here?”


I didn’t think so but there definitely was.  I never slowed down to notice.

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iPRIME UPW Video Challenge -Time Management

If you don’t know me,  you would never know I’ve been insecure and shy for most of my life but let’s not dwell on that.  Times they have changed and now I’m becoming more comfortable in my skin as I rediscover myself on this health & fitness journey.


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Another Powerful Ben Coomber Podcast … Kids Nutrition

It makes no difference whether you are a child, teenager or adult. The association with nutrition is often the same or similar in my opinion. The struggle is real. But does it have to be a struggle? I think not.

Ben Coomber’s podcast #186 with Jennifer Bulcock was powerful and it made me think, take notes and type like a mad woman. It struck so many chords with me regarding my own health & fitness journey as a child, teenager and adult.

Ben and Jenn also offered a FREE children’s nutrition video Here and FREE Nutrition for Kids e-book download Here.


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Meet Willow – my 7-foot personality

Happy Tuesday!
Different blog for me today.  I’ve been reading so many wonderful posts, blogs, articles lately and I know I don’t comment much but I LOVE reading them all.
Ya’ll inspire me hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Thanks for sharing! 

7 Food Triggers & Tricks to Battle

Happy Saturday to all,

Today I’ve been thinking about food triggers.  The top 7 would be:

  • Location – Certain chair in your house; going to grocery store hungry; or a place like a movie theatre.
  • Activity – Watching tv, studying, reading, or socializing.
  • People – Friends you normally go out with to happy hour, dinner or partying.
  • Occasions – Birthday parties, weddings, holidays, summer parties.
  • Sensory – Candy display, smell food, taste a bite of a sample at a store or restaurant.
  • Time – Time of day i.e. afternoon snack time.
  • Mood – Anger, sadness, depression, insecurity.

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