PAIN vs. SORENESS . . . What to Do? What to Do.

Hello my friend,

When a client tells me they are sore . . .
My first response is:                       

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Most important . . . Sleep tops the list for health & fitness

We’ve talked about this before but sleep is so important for your health.

Ya’ll know I follow Ben Coomber (#1 health & fitness podcast – UK).  He once again referenced the importance of sleep is his  podcast.  Give it a listen (here) – Podcast #238.

The importance of good quality sleep!  Good quality food effects good quality sleep which effects feeling healthy which effects sleeping . . .

and sleep effects what and how much you choose to eat.

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In the words of Zig Ziglar . . . Don’t Be a SNIOP!

Are you a SNIOP . . . Someone who is Sensitive to the Negative Influence Of Others?

I used to be easily influenced by others with regards to what I ate or drank.  What am I saying . . . with regards to oh, everything.

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New Year . . . Different than last year?

First off, please let me say “Thank you” for your comments and suggestions over the year.  It helps me learn and grow.


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