Fitolution – Why you don’t need a coach . . . part #2 nutrition

We are 14 days into the New Year, 2019.  By now you have started a training program or at least put a plan together.  We’ve already talked about health and fitness through exercise.  Today we talk about achieving through nutrition.  

You’ve got this.  You just need to do 2 things.

 1.  Cut out sugar. 

Yeah, that guy, friend, family member, doctor said sugar is bad and there was an article about it in that trusted nutrition journal, it was on the same day as that article about the celebrity with no knickers and the fake story about immigrants lacing tins of tuna with mind control drugs.
Anyway, sugar is bad, all the important people say so and Gwyneth Paltrow sweetens her ayervedic tea with the urine of South American squirrel monkeys and she’s way slim.

Yeah, so all you need to do is cut out all the sugar. So no sweets, cakes, biscuits, breakfast cereals, fizzy drinks, fruit juice, baked beans (because they have loads of added sugar an’ all) oh and fruit, no fruit because, you know… Sugar!
That’s OK, I’ll just put loads of honey on everything instead, honey comes from bees so that’s natural, Gwyneth Paltrow said so.

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