Holiday Survival Guide

Always a good repost . . . Here’s your Holiday Survival Guide:  Learn How to Get Through the Holidays With No Regrets

As a personal trainer, I’ve been told many times “I’ll start eating healthy . . .”

  • Tomorrow.
  • After this party or that party.
  • After graduation.
  • After my vacation.
  • Or the biggie . . . “I will start eating healthier after the Holidays”.  You might want to rethink this, since every month of the year has some sort of holiday, vacation, party or life event:
    • October – Halloween
    • November – Thanksgiving
    • December – Christmas
    • January – New Year’s
    • February – Valentine’s Day
    • March – Spring Break
    • April – Easter
    • May – Memorial Day/Mother’s Day
    • June – Father’s Day/Graduations/
    • Summer starts
    • July – 4th of July/Summer Parties
    • August – Summer/Busy with school
    • September – Labor Day

Then . . . Guess What?? It’s October again . . .
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Below is a common client/trainer conversation:

Client:  “I know exactly what to do so why am I still not in shape?”

Me:  “If you’re active and knowledgeable about health and fitness, you’re probably just missing one or two crucial pieces.”

Client: “But what?  I already workout a lot and eat well, and still have this layer of fat around my stomach. What do you think I should do?”

Me:  “If you are consistent, then the one thing you’re missing is being accountable.”

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No resolutions. Only Fitolutions!

You are What You Eat?  So what does that make you?

Holidays are over or are they?  The cycle begins all over again with the New Year, Valentine’s, Easter, etc.

Do you plan to keep indulging or is it time to D.I.E.T.?   We’ve talked before about the issues with the many diets out there.

                         FAD                           temporary                   holiday
stressful                            boredom                          Parties

Time to focus on energy, moods, the positives. That’ll give you both a jumpstart and a goal to live and eat healthier.

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Ben Coomber interviews Mike Dolce . . . 7 very powerful tools!


What a great podcast for New Year’s Eve! Ben Coomber interviews Mike Dolce on MMA, Fat Loss & Optimal Performance.  (Podcast 170)

In my opinion, it’s a no bullshit approach to health, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle. Below are the takeaways for me . . . Read more