Meet Jessica

I’ve been athletic my entire life but my journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle began when I set out to be my “fittest at 50”.

But then Life happened and it was a roller coaster ride filled with:

  • laughter
  • tears
  • yo-yo weight fluctuations
  • soreness
  • 2 major surgeries
  • friends made and lost
  • trust destroyed and trust gained
  • habits realized and changed and/or changing
  • depression & anxiety
  • reflection mixed with responsibility, acceptance, and growth.

I am 53 currently and starting again after 2 very intense, eye-opening, learning, growing years.  Did I reach my goal(s) or did my goals change?  You need to follow me to find out . . . because the answer if asked now would be “kinda, sorta, not really”.  LOL

Weight loss – yes / Weight gain – yes
Fit – yes / Unfit – yes
Healthy – yes / Unhealthy – yes
Mind right – yes / Mind wrong – yes

So on the last day of 2017, I commit to the following:

  1. Lifestyle change
  2. Better/healthier eating
  3. Rev up the workouts
  4. Continue learning and growing
  5. Support, encourage and help others.

“Haven’t I been doing this all along.  Isn’t that what I’ve been learning and taking classes in . . . health and nutrition.”

Yes, no, and so much more.

You can’t always guarantee that Life, God, or your higher power will make it easy.  Some times it’s like riding a bike and someone puts a stick in between your spokes.  Will you choose to give up?  Hell no.  There are others with you supporting you.  The only thing stopping you is you or your fear of the past.  Focus on the present, wipe off, and begin again.  And always remember, I’m just one click away . . .

Your friend & Coach, Jessica

Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover – Yes, I’m what people consider Petite . .  This was me (5’1” and 120 lbs 18% BF).  [left side]
I always look kinda fit and healthy and people always thought I was just lucky . . . like I’d magically been this way my entire life. That my genetics are magical.
That’s far from the truth.  My life has been filled with a roller coaster of weight differences.  from 118 high school weight . . . 138 lbs . . . 120s . . .  115 lbs, 128, 120s.  Mostly wavering between 120-132 lbs.
Due to my thyroid issues, it is a problem increasing and decreasing weight so much so it has not been easy.  It effects my moods, anxiety, ability to handle stress, sinus infections, hives, and stomach issues.
I had been the Queen of Self-Sabatoge but slowly changing that. . . one habit at a time . . . then life happened and I’ve been trying to crawl back to health & fitness for a year.
Join me on the journey now.  click here ====>>

Yo-Yo Diets

132 lbs

125 lbs