Meet Jessica

At 45 I was at a restaurant with a friend having dinner & drinks.  On the patio there was a man having his 50th birthday party.  Looked like a lot of fun but as I watched him I thought to myself when I turn 50 I want to be as fit as I’ve ever been.  Then my journey began to be my “fittest at 50”.

My friends laughed and made fun but I didn’t care I was quirky, stubborn and determined.  It was a roller coaster ride filled with laughs and tears; yo-yo weight fluctuations; soreness; 2 surgeries, friends made and lost; habits realized and changed/changing; depression & anxiety; etc.  You name “it” . . . I did “it” or experienced “it”.

I am 53 currently.  Did I reach my goal(s) or did my goals change?  Follow me and find out . . .

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend & Coach, Jessica

Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover – Yes, I’m what people consider Petite . .  This was me (5’1” and 120 lbs 18% BF).  [left side]
I always look kinda fit and healthy and people always thought I was just lucky . . . like I’d magically been this way my entire life. That my genetics are magical.
That’s far from the truth.  My life has been filled with a roller coaster of weight differences.  from 118 high school weight . . . 138 lbs . . . 120s . . .  115 lbs, 128, 120s.  Mostly wavering between 120-132 lbs.
Due to my thyroid issues, it is a problem increasing and decreasing weight so much so it has not been easy.  It effects my moods, anxiety, ability to handle stress, sinus infections, hives, and stomach issues.
I had been the Queen of Self-Sabatoge but slowly changing that. . . one habit at a time . . . then life happened and I’ve been trying to crawl back to health & fitness for a year.
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132 lbs

138 lbs