One of my clients is about to be a ProCoach Grad.   Anna lost at least 18 inches using the ProCoach program and living a normal life of a wife and mom of two active boys, soccer mom, soccer coordinator, volunteer. She’s never felt better or stronger as a half-marathon runner and tri-athlete. In fact, she breaks PRs every time and came in 3rd place for her age division at the Triathalon.

“Over several months, I slowly saw positive changes in my body – by loosing inches. I’m way better at loosing inches than I am pounds. That means I am much better at converting the weight from fat to muscle than just loosing fat. I’m gaining muscle which then helps to increase my metabolism.”


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  • Stronger, gained muscle.
  • Worked on strength, mobility, quick twitch muscles for snow skiing.
  • Improved stamina.

Double, Triple, Quadruple (or more) weight in exercises

  • Bicep Curls 5 to 15
  • Tricep Press 5 to 15
  • Deadlift 10 to 61.7
  • Side Oblique 5 to 26
  • Weighted Hip Bridge 10 to 40



I had the opportunity to work with Jess when I began a gym routine that had been lacking in my life for a few years. She was tough and worked me hard, but understood my limitations at the beginning, working through some unused muscles.  She made it fun, had alternative exercises when needed and even on the days when I could barely walk down the stairs after a work out, I knew I had done my body good!


I had the pleasure of training with Jessica for about two years 2x a week. Jessica provided workouts that were a great mix of cardio and weights followed by stretching. Jessica was fun to work with and provided a variety of ways to train.

LACEY W. after we trained together.

I had the pleasure of training this awesome young lady.  It was such a pleasure working with her.  She had such a positive attitude and never gave up.  So proud of Lacey who has opened her own PT business.



In just a few months:

  • Stronger, leaner.
  • More control with stress.
  • Nutrition improved.
  • Double, triple, quadruple (or more) weight or resistance with exercises.

More references available upon request.

Clients can expect:

  • Body fat loss.
  • Muscle gain.
  • Strength gain.
  • Feel better.
  • Improved nutrition.
  • Inches and weight lost.
  • More energy.



Why can I help you?

  • Because I’ve been there.

Before –  138lbs  

  • Stuck for most of my life.

Too SKINNY – 118lbs  

  • Riding the weight roller coaster.

125lbs (Five pounds over industry standards but “photo shoot” ready.)

  • After my year of medical issues and not being able to workout consistently.

2/1/18 – 142 lbs  (Heaviest.  All weight carried waist and below.)

  • Down 10 lbs and exercising more consistently.  In addition to healthy nutrition.


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My qualifications include:

  • ACE certified personal trainer.
  • Certified Nutritionist, Body Type Nutrition and Precision Nutrition.
  • ACE mobility certification.
  • Group fitness.
  • Bootcamp.
  • Kettlebells, etc.

Questions . . . Go!

More references available upon request.