I’m not drunk, stupid, incompetent or on drugs. I have been blessed with an autoimmune disease.

Update on me it’s been awhile.  I’ve been on a different journey lately, playing a game of
“Doctor Sock Hop”.    

I’m in a place where people are stumbling, swaying swinging, twirling, spinning but there isn’t any dancing.  Just hopping from doc to doc, test to test & eliminating the issues I don’t have.

  • Turns out I have Vertigo but it involves Meniere’s disease.  Basically Vertigo plus some added bonuses.  Yay for me!
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Not too clever Hackers take a Selfie and post it on-line of the page they hacked.

Hello my friends,

Normal day in my life. These two girls with nothing better to do on a Friday night hacked my Instagram business account (fit50andfab).  Here’s their picture and part of their email address.

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5 Recipes Any Idiot Can Do – from Awesome Supplements & Body Type Nutrition

                                                                     5 RECIPES ANY IDIOT CAN DO BY BEN COOMBER & TOM BAINBRIDGE FLEXIBLE DIETING IS A PRETTY BIG MOVEMENT RIGHT NOW, […]

Tripping on a line . . .

Out of balance lately?

Welcome to my world. I was called “clumsy” or “klutz” my entire life.

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Food & Workout – Who could ask for anything more.

GM or Good Morning or Hey Ya’ll,

A little early on this but thinking it’s Monday, Monday . . .


I don’t mind Mondays but I know quite a few people who do feel that way.

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Metabolism Rollercoaster – enjoy the ride

Last weekend I went to a workshop which was similar to one I had been to before . . .

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No Cuts, No Butts, No Interrupts . . . Buttlift, my favorite subject.


It’s Friday!  Not really but it was when I originally wrote this . . .

And this Friday let’s get your best ASS-et in shape and back where it belongs.
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Vegan Chickpea Flour Quiche w/Roasted Veggies & Smoked Papika


Reminiscent of quiche, this vegan alternative is made with a high protein
chickpea flour as a base. This dish has bold roasted, smoky flavors that will
satisfy both meat-eaters and plant-eaters.

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Hazelnut Arugula Salad


Appropriate to the name, hazelnuts are the nut of the hazel shrub. They are sometimes known as filberts or the cobnut.

Turkey grows 75% of the world’s hazelnuts. However, in recent years, weather changes in Turkey have resulted in decreased hazelnut production, causing concern among hazelnut fans.

Hazelnuts have a rich, mildly nutty taste that make them ideal for desserts and candy. Hazelnuts are the star of the hazelnut-chocolate spread Nutella, beloved by Italians. They’re also used in Frangelico liquor, Ferrero Rocher candies, and other truffles and pralines.

Hazelnuts aren’t just for processed foods, though. Whole or crushed, hazelnuts can be used in home-baking, or enjoyed simply on their own.

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PAIN vs. SORENESS . . . What to Do? What to Do.

Hello my friend,

When a client tells me they are sore . . .
My first response is:                       

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