Fitolution – Day #13

It’s the 1st of February and the 13th day of The Fitolution and you’ve got this.  

Accountability + Consistency + Support
SUCCESS on health & fitness journey


Fridays are strength days.  Make sure it’s at least 30 minutes of strength. Always make sure to warm-up properly.


The cross-body dumbbell hammer curl targets the biceps with an emphasis on the forearms. This exercise creates balance between the upper and lower regions of the arms.


  1. Grab a set of dumbbells, and let them hang at arm’s length to your sides. Maintain an upright posture with palms are facing the body.
  2. Slowly begin to curl one dumbbell up across your body to opposite shoulder. Make sure to keep palms facing inward, and squeeze bicep at the top position. Pause for one second and slowly lower back to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  1.  Perform the movement with a controlled pace, not allowing momentum to contribute.
  2. Do not allow elbows to flare.  Keep your elbows tight to your side the entire time.


Guacamole is an awesome condiment. Why? It’s made almost entirely from produce.

While recipes can vary somewhat, the main ingredient is always avocado. Avocados, and therefore guacamole, provide heart-healthy monounsaturated fats (much like olive oil), and contain an amazing array of phytonutrients, including some very powerful carotenoids, beta-sitosterols, and more.

These phytonutrients in avocados are known to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. They improve eye health, and are associated with a decreased risk of cancer of the mouth, breast, and prostate. In addition, avocados are a good source of fiber, potassium, and lutein as well as 22 other essential nutrients.
Phytonutrient-rich guacomole

One great way to use guacamole is in place of mayonnaise. It provides the same creamy texture, but is less calorie-dense. Plus – bonus – it provides a serving of produce. Best of all, it tastes awesome and is easy to make.



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