Fitolution Day #9 Reverse Crunch


Mondays are strength days.  Make sure it’s at least 30 minutes of strength. Always make sure to warm-up properly.


Reverse Crunch
Muscle Group(s):  Abs

  • Starting Position – Lie on the floor or a mat on your back, with knees bent and hands behind head. Lift legs and bend knees to 90 degrees. Keep a space between your chin and chest (looking diagonal towards the ceiling).
  • Action –
    • EXHALE: Pull knees in toward chest and hold for 2 seconds.

    • INHALE: Slowly lower legs back to starting position. 

Special Instructions:  Don’t use your momentum to swing your legs up. Try to keep the motion controlled by your abs.


Every morning, you go to the local coffee shop and you order that calorie- loaded latte before work. You know it’s probably making your belly bigger, but it tastes good and it is convenient. For lunch, you order takeout with your coworkers. You try to get a salad but inevitably there are some fries and chips you can’t keep your hands off of. Dinner may be some fast food too since you’re too tired to even think about what to cook let alone do the actual cooking.

You see your fit friends on Facebook and Instagram showing off their meals while you sit there thinking that you couldn’t possibly stay disciplined enough to eat what they eat. That’s nonsense though. You can totally do it. You just need to find your “Go-To Meals.”  

Fat Loss Breakfast examples:

  1. Protein with oats and peanut butter and milk
  2. Meaty Omelet with extra egg whites and whole grain toast / fruit

Fat Loss Lunch Examples:

  1. Turkey and ham sandwich with an orange
  2. Cottage cheese and apple sauce

Muscle Building Lunch Examples:

  1. Double stacked turkey and ham sandwich (with added 2% cheese) with an orange and side of baked chips
  2. Overnight oats with Greek yogurt, berries, and protein powder

Fat Loss Dinner Examples:

  1. Big Ass Salad (basically your favorite lettuce with veggies and lean meat topped with EVOO and vinegar)
  2. Grilled chicken with broccoli

Muscle Building Dinner Examples:

  1. Lean ground meat (beef or turkey) with red beans and rice and avocado 
  2. A couple of grilled chicken breasts with broccoli and a baked potato (or two)

What are your “Go-To Meals”?  Some of the above?  If not, experiment a little. If so, try something new with the same goal in mind.


How many times have you “fallen off the wagon”?

Try a new approach.

“Willpower” helps, but it’s weak compared to structural and foundational changes. This includes things like:

  • Changing one’s physical environment.
  • Building a social support system (including getting away from people who enable the food addiction).
  • Making it tougher to get at the food addictive substances.  Thereby, 
    • Decreasing life stress.
    • Working on stress management learning to tolerate discomfort.
    • Changing one’s routine and schedule to favor positive behaviors.
    • Diminishing the chances for negative behaviors (which can include things like getting more sleep, seeking out safer situations during “trigger times”, scheduling activities that conflict with the food addictive behavior, etc.).

Bottom line is you’ve got to try some different to get a different result.