Fitolution Day #8 – Landmines Everywhere

Here we go with the 8th day of The Fitolution.  


Saturdays are cardio days.  Make sure it’s at least 30 minutes of walking, running, jumping, dancing, etc.  Always make sure to warm-up properly.


Standing 1 Arm Landmine Press
Muscle Groups:  shoulders, traps, and serratus. 

  • Wedge the end of a barbell into a corner against a towel, or load it into a landmine station. 
  • Load the opposite end with weight and grasp it toward the end of the sleeve with your left hand. 
  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
  • Press the bar up.


Nourish, Fuel and Replenish

  • Eat enough lean protein.
  • Eat plenty of colorful veggies and fruits.
  • Keep your carb intake moderate (neither too low nor high), and choose slow-digesting, high fiber “smart carb” options.
  • Drink water.
  • Do all the above consistently.


Top 10 Fitness Facts

  1. Exercise boosts brainpower.
  2. Movement melts away stress.
  3. Exercise gives you energy.
  4. It’s not that hard to find time for fitness.
  5. Fitness can help build relationships.
  6. Exercise helps ward off disease.
  7. Fitness pumps up your heart.
  8. Exercise let’s you eat more.  (But be smart about it.)
  9. Exercise boosts performance.
  10. Weight Loss Is Not the Most Important Goal.

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