Fitolutions – Day #2 Morning Cardio, no one said you have to look good!

Hello friend,

How did you do yesterday?  Feeling great, correct?

Here we go with 2nd day of the Fitolution . . .


Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are cardio days so stick with your cardio routine.  Examples:  walk, jog, run, Tabata training (body weight only).  Make sure your cardio is at least 30 minutes long. 


Plank – Strengthen the entire core with an added focus on arms, shoulders, glutes and back.

Instructions – Squeeze glutes, elbows directly under shoulders, engage your core (belly button into spine), spine aligned from head to tailbone, exhale and contract/engage the core.  Hold plank for 1 minute (total). 

Modification – Hold plank for 20 secs, rest for 10; hold plank for 15, rest for 5; hold plank for 10, rest = 60 secs of holding & resting.

Challenge – Hold plank for 60 secs + 30 more secs = 90 secs (total).

Need more?  Hold plank for 60 secs + 60 more secs = 2 mins (total).

Still need more?  Hold plank for 60 secs + 90 more secs = 3 mins (total).

NUTRITION:   Instead of taking a food or drink away, try a food swap i.e. replace pasta with Zoodles.

Prepare spiral noodles from a zucchini or sweet potato, beets, etc.  By swapping vegetables for noodles it’s easier to get rid of white refined flours that can turn into sugar in the body and contribute to weight gain. Sautee in olive oil, chopped and/or pressed small garlic clove, and some pepper to taste.  You can add other veggies i.e. carrots, celery and/or an egg for added protein.  Cook noodles as tender or al dente as you like them.  Simply adjust your cooking time.


Get Firm From the Inside Out

Skull Shining Breath is an easy way to tone your transverses abdominus, or your inner abdominal wall, even while sitting at your desk at work. When you sneeze or cough, you feel your inner abdominal muscles. Sit in a chair and breathe through your mouth for a few seconds and engage your core. To engage your core, imagine that you’re drawing your belly button in toward your spine. Relax your shoulders and maintain a straight, neutral back. Inhale and exhale rapidly for 15 to 30 seconds, while maintaining a strong core. The rapid contractions tone your belly and increase your heart rate.
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