Fitolution – Why you don’t need a coach . . . part #1 exercise

We are 10 days into the New Year, 2019 . . . what’s on everyone’s mind? 
Parties, drinking, eating, and staying up to all hours with family, friends and loved ones is over.  Or is it?
Yeah!  Get together those goals.  Get rid of all the bad food & drinks (by consumption of course).
Does this make sense?
Look at family, friends and/or acquaintances that have changed their lives.  Dramatic weight loss, muscle gain, or any other impressive transformation can seem like magic.
But there’s a science to it.
Today we’ll start with “Exercise”.
This was intended to be a serious piece with lots of references and stuff about accountability, the stages of change, and some home truths about why you need a swift kick in the butt. (That’s old school for emotional reinforcement).
But, then I thought that stuff has been written about before and the fact is that if you haven’t considered a coach at this point, then you probably won’t get one on the back of reading a bunch of technical jargon. So, here are 3 reasons that you don’t need a coach.

What’s the point in getting a coach, they’ll only tell you what you already know, right? You have seen all those documentaries on Netflix and you’ve read a bunch of books and some really sciencey sounding stuff by Layne Norton.
Or perhaps you follow Alan Aragon, Eric Cressey or that other guy, I think his first name is Ben? That’s great because it’s not like they have utterly conflicting views on everything and there’s zero chance of you getting confused.

Ben Coomber (idol, mentor, teacher, trainer, 
Instructor. #1 health & fitness podcast in U.K., 
top 10 in the world) and me at UPW Florida

Anyway, you already know so much you could be a personal trainer yourself. One who is no closer to reaching their goals now than you were 5 years ago, but that’s not your fault.  It’s just that Life gets in the way.

  • You don’t have time.
  • You can’t afford to bulk buy healthy food to further fuel weight loss.
  • You get in from work so tired that you don’t have the energy to hit the gym.
  • You’ve got 3 episodes of the latest TV drama waiting for you to catch up. 

 But that’s okay because you know what you’re doing.
Yeah, your friend knows his stuff and it worked for him so it will definitely work for you because that’s exactly how training works. The fact that it is really restrictive and confusing and you’re not sure what it means when it says high vs. low intensity training, reps, Tabata, … 6 super-sets. etc.  
Wait 6 what?  6 Supersets? Ah, that’s alright you’ve already done 5 which means you can have that bag of chocolate buttons later while watching those 3 episodes of your favorite show.
Your friend’s plan calls for 3 strength days and 2 cardio days because it keeps your metabolism high and burns more calories & fat. But you still can’t have those chocolate buttons because “You can’t outrun a bad diet!”
So just do like your friend, muscle man does.  Like 100 bicep curls, 100 squats, 100 push-ups, 50 burpees a-day!

Why pay for a coach to help you define and understand your goals, to create a method of control that suits those goals and your lifestyle, that doesn’t feel overly restrictive and actually gets results when you use that money to pay for a big night out each Saturday?
You don’t go to the gym regularly so you have extra time to waste by scrolling through your social media feed looking for more distractions and you get to passive aggressively judge anyone who is actually doing everything you’re not and getting the results you’re not.
Yeah, you’re definitely much better off keeping that money and saving the energy you would waste on investing your time, energy and emotion into improving your health by doing it your way.
So, you’ve fallen off the wagon again but that’s alright there was a reason for that, you can’t remember it right now but you’re certain it wasn’t a conscious choice on your behalf to give up.
You’ll start again soon, when you can be bothered… Ooh look Kerry’s just posted a picture of her cat hanging from the curtain!
In summary, is it time to reassess?  
The fact of the matter is that you absolutely don’t have to have a coach to get results but if you aren’t getting results or your results are inconsistent then clearly something needs to change. 
What a good coach can do for you is educate and empower you with the knowledge to be the best version of you that you can possibly be.
Tomorrow we’ll talk about why you definitely don’t need a coach to guide you on the ways of “nutrition”.   Unless, of course, you have been trying to outrun a bad diet with exercise only.

Hhhhhmmmmm, until tomorrow I’m only one click away.  

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