Fitolution Day #14 – Workout with Coosack

Mondays are strength days and here’s something different for Fitolution Day #14.  Workout with Cossack Squats not John Cusack.


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are strength days so stick to your strength routine. Make sure it’s at least 30 minutes of strength training.

Cossack Squat
Body parts:  Legs, core, back

Remember the movie, Dead Poole?  One of the superhero moves the trainer for Ryan Reynolds used for flexibility was the cossack squat.

“The cossack squat is an advanced stretch that can help with the loading of your legs in an asymmetrical way, exposing differences in each side,” Saladino told

If you manage to add some resistance by holding a kettlebell throughout and nail the move, it can be beneficial for more than just your flexibility. The cossack squat can help to improve your other lifts, too.

“Master this to improve your hips and ankle mobility, qualities necessary in a good squat,” said Saladino.

To perform the move, grab a light kettlebell and a spot in the gym with space to stretch out. Holding the weight by the handle with both hands at chest level, stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with your toes pointing slightly out. Keeping the weight at the same level and your chest up, shift your weight to one leg, bend that knee, and squat down to rest on your flat foot. Keep your opposite leg straight and raise your foot off the ground, resting on your heel. After a beat, push off your foot to return to the starting position before repeating the move on the other side of your body.


Don’t worry if you struggle with balance at first, especially with the load. “You might have to start using a TRX to keep your arms up, before moving to a kettlebell,” Saladino advised.

Perform 3 sets of 5 reps on each leg, emphasizing the stretch of the movement.

Chicken recipe from PN.  Prefer a pdf, email me.




Reality check:

  • Start with the food you really eat.
  • Improve the quality of those meals.
  • Use proportions, not measurements.
  • Experiment and add more real foods

How sustainable are your meal plans?

Talk to your trainer.  Talk to a friend.  Discuss new and different nutrition options.

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