Fitolution – Day #8, Act like a kid . . . squat, hop, press

One week done and yesterday was a rest day.  Now, let’s start the week again with Day #8 of The Fitolution Challenge.


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are strength days so stick to your strength routine. Make sure it’s at least 30 minutes of strength training.

Wide Squat With Quarter Turn Hop and Chest Press
(10 repetitions, alternating)

Stand in a wide squat and hold one dumbbell at each end with the arms extended straight downward. Descend into the squat and then jump up bringing the dumbbell to the chest and the feet together. Perform a quarter-turn jump to the right while pushing the dumbbell away from the chest, keeping the feet hip-width apart. Return jump to face the front, landing with the feet in a wide squat position, and return the dumbbell to the chest. Straighten the arms downward and repeat the sequence, starting with the squat descent, but this time, quarter-turn to the left. Alternate from side to side to complete repetitions.



For a delish dessert, we’re going to BBQ Sponge Bob’s house.  Need a pdf?  Email.


Here are 5 tips to help make it easier to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your family’s meals and snacks:

  • Have a sweet tooth? Try eating fruit with yogurt for dessert.
  • Make a habit of including a side salad with a mix of leafy greens with lunch and/or dinner.
  • Add veggies like spinach, tomatoes, peppers and avocado to sandwiches.
  • Add veggies like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and sun-dried tomatoes to your pizza.
  • Make fruit smoothies for breakfast and snacks.

Now let’s get started with week two.