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Below is a common client/trainer conversation:

Client:  “I know exactly what to do so why am I still not in shape?”

Me:  “If you’re active and knowledgeable about health and fitness, you’re probably just missing one or two crucial pieces.”

Client: “But what?  I already workout a lot and eat well, and still have this layer of fat around my stomach. What do you think I should do?”

Me:  “If you are consistent, then the one thing you’re missing is being accountable.”

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Why do Women Over-50 Struggle to Lose Fat?

Why do Women Over-50 Struggle to Lose Fat?

If you answered “hormones not calories” . . . You would be correct!

Hormones rule fat burning & storage. In fact, if hormones are not balanced you can store fat even with a calorie deficit.

Working with hormones requires:

  • A focus on food type and timing of consumption.
  • Matching symptoms and signs of imbalance with the hormone responsible.

What’s the connection between stress, sleep, and fat weight?

I know you’ve heard about cortisol before and how it can get in the way of results.  As well as some fat storage in the belly.

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Impulse Eating Your Thing?

Do you struggle like most people with impulse eating?

It’s happened to all of us.  You know the feeling – you are:

  • away from home running errands.
  • out late because you had to stay at work longer.
  • hungry. Not just a little hungry though.

Bottom line:  You have to eat.  Now!

It is a tough situation, and like I said, we’ve all been there.  Sometimes you really do have to eat ‘right now.’  But over time, these eating emergencies add up and significantly impact your health and fitness achievement.

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Fitolution – No Equipment. No Problem. Sprinter Pulls.

With the crazy weather lately we have to keep reminding ourselves that it’s Spring not Winter.  In fact, only 5 more weeks until Memorial Day cookouts, beach outings, and/or picnics.

Are you ready to have some fun?  If you haven’t been working consistently on your fitness and health, your body may be struggling. It’s time to change that.

Before you even start, decide:

  1. When and how you will get your exercise.  Bootcamp?  Running in the mornings?  Strength training?  Treadmill at the gym after work?
  2. What foods you will eat and how you will ensure that you have access to those foods?  Do you have a small cooler that you can take along with you? What will your breakfasts consist of?  How much caffeine will you allow yourself?
  3. How you will arrange your schedule so that you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night? Do you need to get the kids in bed sooner or prepare your lunches on the weekends to save time in the morning?
  4. Grab yourself an accountability partner.  Your success depends on it.  Getting fit is not easy.  If it were, more people would be doing it and we would not have our current epidemic of obesity.  Ensure you succeed, get some support from a friend or a personal trainer.

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