Fitolution – Day #6

Here we go on another challenge day.

6th day of the Fitolution . . .


Saturdays are cardio days so stick to your routine. Make sure it’s at least 30 minutes.


One of my favorite core exercises . . . “Stir the Pot” on a Stability Ball.

Instructions –

Kneeling behind a stability ball, lean body forward at a 45-degree angle and rest elbows on the top of the ball. Keep stomach muscles tight and elbows pushing up from the ball directly under the shoulders.  It’s important to maintain a straight line from head to knees.  Move the ball around clockwise 10 times and then counter-clockwise 10 times.   Repeat 4 more times.

Challenge –

Begin again like above.  Raise the knees off the ground. With the body in a straight line from head to feet, move the ball around clockwise 10 times and then counter-clockwise 10 times.  Repeat 3-4 more times.  Once again, it’s important to maintain a straight line from head to feet.

Modification needed?

Decrease basic pot stirring from 10 reps to 5 for 4 rounds.

Thai Chicken Soup

Per serving –
Calories: 278 Fat: 11g Carbs: 9g Protein: 29g


2 T red or green curry paste
1 1/2 12 oz cans of lite coconut milk
2 cups low sodium chicken stock
1 T (brown if you don’t have it) sugar
2 tsp peanut butter (I prefer almond butter.)
11⁄2 pounds chicken breasts, cut into 11⁄2 inch pieces
1 red bell pepper, seeded and sliced into 1⁄4 inch slices
1 onion, thinly sliced
1 heaping T fresh ginger, minced
1/2 cup frozen peas, thawed
1 can of baby corn on the cob (optional)
1 T lime juice
1-2 tsp of red pepper flakes
1/2 tsp salt (or to taste)
Garnish with 
cilantro and sliced limes


Whisk curry paste, coconut milk, chicken stock, coconut sugar and peanut butter in a 4-1/2 to 6-quart slow-cooker. Add the chicken breast, red pepper, onion and ginger, cover and cook on high for 3-4 hours. Add in the peas, corn, and red pepper flakes and cook for 1⁄2 hour longer. Stir in lime juice and sprinkle with fresh cilantro.


Loaded with vitamin A and C and low sodium.


Do you want health and fitness badly enough?  Grab some motivation!  It is a simple fact of human psychology that if we want something badly enough, we’ll do everything we can to get it.

So what motivates you to get serious about fitness and stick with it.

That 50 percent who quit won’t include you.  Together we can stay committed and finish strong.

Here are some possible motivators for you.

  1. Do it for your health. Consistent exercise and healthy eating are the two very best things you can do for your health.  Benefits include:
  • Develop a strong, healthy heart.
  • Reduce chances of many cancers.
  • Prevent diabetes.
  • Keep a sharp mind and resist dementia.
  • Avoid many of the common ailments that come with aging.
  1. Do it to look better. Appearance isn’t everything, but most of us care how we look.  A strong and healthy person just looks good.  And it isn’t all physical.  Your demeanor will change as you develop the confidence that comes from fitness.  You will appear more energetic and confident because you will be more energetic and confident!
  2. Do it to relieve stress.  Really!  It isn’t a cliché.  Exercising really does cause physical changes in your brain and nervous system that results in feelings of calmness and wellbeing.  In fact, you may get so hooked on the mental benefits of exercise that you will crave it!
  3. Do it to be strong.  If you have never done focused weight training, then you literally have no idea of the total transformation that you will feel after just a few weeks.  There is nothing like bending over to pick something up that normally results in discomfort, strain and even pain, only to find out that it has gotten easier.  And by getting strong now, you reduce your risk of age-related falls and fractures because you have the core strength and balance to keep yourself stable.

It is worth taking the time to discover the powerful motivators in your life. Your health is at stake; in fact, your very life is at stake. It’s time to transform yourself.

Any questions, I’m only one click away.