Welcome to Fitolution – Day #1

Welcome to Fitolution, Day #1!

Normally for our challenges, we introduce a core exercise each day so this time let’s mix it up.  You will have a base and some times a bonus exercise, tip, or recipe.  Sound Fun?  Well let’s get started.


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are strength days so stick to your strength routine. Make sure it’s at least 30 minutes of strength training.  Need help, click here ===>>.

{wake up}
You:  “Ah, that muscle soreness
probably ain’t too bad. I can still . . . ”
{start moving a little}


Squats, Instructions –

  • Starting Position: Begin standing with your feet slightly wider than hip-width, with the toes turned slightly outwards with your hands by your sides so the palms facing inwards. Depress and retract your scapulae (pull the shoulders down and back).
  • Stiffen your core and abdominal muscles (“bracing”) to stabilize your spine. Hold your chest up and out, tilt your head slightly up, shift your weight back into your heels while pushing your hips towards the wall behind you.
  • Downward Phase: Start the downward phase by first shifting your hips backwards then downwards to create a hinge-like movement at your hips and knees simultaneously. As you lower your hips the knees will then start to shift forward slowly, but try to control the amount of forward translation (movement) of the tibia (shinbone). Maintain tension in the core muscles (continue bracing) and attempt to keep your back flat.
  • Continue to lower yourself until your thighs are parallel or almost parallel with the floor, until your heels begin to lift off the floor, or until your torso begins to round or flex forward. Monitor your feet, ankles and knees, ensuring that the feet don’t move, the ankles do not collapse in or out and the knees remain aligned over the second toe.
  • From the Lowered Position: the knees should continue to remain aligned over the second toe and body weight should be evenly distributed between the balls and heels of the feet. From the side, the position of the tibia (shinbone) and torso should be parallel with each other and the low back should appear flat or showing the beginning of some rounding.
  • Upward Phase: While maintaining your back, chest and head-up position, exhale and extend the hips and knees by pushing your feet into the floor through your heels. The hips and torso need to rise together while keeping the heels flat on the floor and knees aligned over the second toe. Continue extending until you reach your starting position.
  • Think about inhaling on the way down and exhaling while exerting on the way back to the initial standing position.

Use bodyweight, 6 rounds x 12 reps, rest 30 seconds between rounds


Challenge – Perform squat while holding dumbbells above shoulders. Do not rest DBs on shoulders.


Still need more?  Perform as above and increase DB weight fifth round and then again in the sixth round.


We will dive further into nutrition i.e. tips, recipes, supplements, snacks, healthy food, later.  So for now, here are the usual tips: Don’t restrict, deprive, or starve your body. You know as well as I do that always backfires.


Dress in layers when training or competing in cold weather.

  • Wear a base layer that dries fast and wicks away sweat i.e. wool or polypropylene.  Avoid cotton*.
  • Add a layer of fleece or thicker wool for insulation.
  • Add a top layer that protects against the wind, is weatherproof, and breathes so sweat can evaporate.

*The tiny, air pockets between the fabric get wet, retain water, and draw heat out of the body.