Fitolution – Yeah Baby.

Feels good to be focused on the new year 2018.  Are you going strong or have you broken your year’s resolution?
Research shows people generally don’t last past mid-January.  But not you. You’ve got this.  Maybe a little bit of a slide?  No worries, re-group and re-set your resolution to a new or revised realistic goal.

Whatever your goals for your health and fitness,

  • Experiment.
  • Find simple easy ways.
These will help your journey and save you time and a little money.
Three more days until we start our Fitolution on Monday, January 15, 2018.
  • Exercise
  • Recovery
  • Mindset
  • Nutrition

are all part of the equation.  We’ll be having little chats about all them, with a focus on NUTRITION and your “eating healthier to get fit” goals.

How did you do with adding a glass of water to your daily liquid intake last week?  Did you take my suggestion and add a piece of fruit i.e. lemon, orange, or even sliced cucumber for variety?  Nah, well what worked for you?

. . . because next week is just around the corner.  Be thinking about food prep and rituals. Don’t like doing all food prep on Sunday afternoon?  Here’s a breakfast ritual to try as a supplement during the week.Take an extra 15 minutes in the morning to prep healthy food for the rest of the day?

  • Make a super shake and bring it and leave in the work fridge;
  • Pack a lunch i.e. mini quiche, chicken or salmon salad, dinner leftovers, healthy wrap;
  • Extra veggie chopping or protein prep while breakfast is cooking/heating;
  • Night – chop some veggies and meat, throw together and refrigerate. Morning – throw met and veggies into a slow cooker and turn the cooker on.  Afternoon/Evening – enjoy coming home to a hot, delish home-cooked meal.
Where focus goes, energy flows.
You’ve got this and you’ve got the support.

Until next time, any questions?  Want mini quiche recipe?

I’m only one click away.