No resolutions. Only Fitolutions!

You are What You Eat?  So what does that make you?

Holidays are over or are they?  The cycle begins all over again with the New Year, Valentine’s, Easter, etc.

Do you plan to keep indulging or is it time to D.I.E.T.?   We’ve talked before about the issues with the many diets out there.

                         FAD                           temporary                   holiday
stressful                            boredom                          Parties

Time to focus on energy, moods, the positives. That’ll give you both a jumpstart and a goal to live and eat healthier.

You probably noticed that although you have been working out, you had that all to familiar attitude to indulge the sweet tooth because you’ve managed great workouts?  It’s a common excuse but it’s not reality.

Have you been journaling?  “Nah, too busy”.  So how do you know how many calories in vs. calories burned.  You don’t?  Only an estimate?  And, of course, you factored in the underestimation vs. the overestimation.  “Nah”.

Too many of us think Holidays, parties, special occasions “don’t count”.  Delish treats have no calories:

  • certain times of the year; or
  • Friday nights; or
  • on the weekend; or
  • on stressful days; or
  • on special occasions; or
  • busy days, etc.

Start smart.

It’s time to rethink your weight loss strategy.  Try the following tips to start fresh and get back to your high school jeans or little black dress.

Plan, plan, plan ahead. 

Keep healthy snacks and liquids with you while you’re on the go.  Don’t leave the house without them.  Keep food to grab ready in your house. Examples for both: water, nuts, fruit, whole grain crackers and cheese, boiled egg, protein bar (watch the sugar).

Lift weights.

The benefits include:You’re likely to keep the muscle mass.  Intense strength training workouts generally target 3 big muscle groups, which in turn increases metabolism, in turn leads to more energy,in turn leads to more calories burned.

Experiment with recipes and routines. 

You are much more likely to stick with a plan (including food) you like.  Rather than settling, resenting, starving, depriving and then jumping ship grabbing anything within reach before it all goes down.  (No pun intended.)


Get some accountability.
Work with a trainer, friend, or a partner. Fitness success increases when you have an accountability partner.You need both exercise and a healthy diet to be lean, strong and fit.  Both compliment each other so don’t neglect either one.Which came first the chicken or the egg?  Who the hell knows.  We only know that the chicken wouldn’t exist without the egg and the egg wouldn’t exist without the chicken.

Healthy and fit wouldn’t exist without exercise and healthy eating.  So stand tall, wipe 2017 off, and make 2018 the beginning to a healthier lifestyle.

Any questions, I’m only one click away.

Your Friend & Coach Jessica

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P.S.  Most resolutions only last until mid-January so let’s do something different.
Let’s start a Fitolution on Monday, January 15, 2018.
(More details to follow.)What’s one thing you could add now so that January 15th isn’t rough for you?  The focus should be Fitness is Fun.  Add a glass of water to your liquid intake today.  Too plain . . . add a piece of fruit i.e. lemon, orange, etc.