Just a Few Holiday Strategies – ENJOY your Holidays!


Most are out shopping, partying, stressing out or laughing to the point of almost peeing pants.  So I just wanted to send a short reminder to . . .


Enjoy your Holidays knowing there are stress-free strategies at your disposal:
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Stay ahead of the Holiday Food Game

At least another week (probably two) of parties, fancy restaurants, holiday goodies and many temptations?

  1. How to conquer obstacles before they physically appear?Plan friendly meals.  Are you lucky enough to live at a health spa or have a personal chef?  If not, then you know that “Eating well doesn’t happen by accident … You have to make it happen with planning and prep.”

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Ben Coomber’s thoughts on breakfast biscuits.


You all know that I follow Ben Coomber, since I have have mentioned it a time or 2 hundred times.  🙂

His latest video re: breakfast biscuits is a hoot.  It’s short so no excuses not to watch.  Enjoy and make better healthy food choices.

What I think about breakfast biscuits – Ben Coomber

So I've just been asked what I think about breakfast biscuits…

Posted by Ben Coomber on Friday, December 8, 2017

IBS and Food Strategies

In one of my nutrition courses, the subject was IBS and food strategies to address it.


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