Some Times You Have to Laugh at Yourself

Okay so today was a big day.

Started out with a walk to the polls to vote.

Followed by a very interesting conversation with a neighbor re: marketing.

A not-so-quick jaunt to the nail salon to get my glow-in-the-dark fingers painted black.  Why?  Cause they glowed very bright orange and I was afraid to freak someone at UPW out.

Followed by last minute packing with the DH at my heels.

Dropped off at airport with kiss/hug.

Security and body scan, of course.

Rough beginning of flight.

Oh, rewind.  Waiting to board plane.  Decide to go to restroom across the aisle.

Wait to board plane.

Get to my seat and notice my dress is hiked up under me.  Blow it off and telling myself I must have just done it sliding across the seat to my window seat.

Okay . . . Rough beginning of flight.  Then all good.

Landed safely.

Spanish lady beside me who can speak very little English tells me my dress was hiked up when we were waiting for the plane.

Well dang. hahaha

Stroll out like nothing happened.

Stand at baggage claim with all the people who may or may not have seen the “hockey” boy shorts under my dress.

Grab an Uber.

Drive to condo uneventful.  Wait outside and try my code on a few doors.

Met by one of the owners and showed the unit.  Exceeds expectations.

Wait to meet one of my idols who was detained by a taxi driver who didn’t know where N street was????

Go to dinner with my idol . . . which ya’ll know because I talk about him constantly on here and Facebook . . . visit him at  And know that he will exceed your expectations re: health, fitness and nutrition.

Come back, settle in, try to figure out how to make shower work.  Look at model and ask Siri how to turn a shower on with a Delta shower/faucet.  She sends me a video which explains it quickly and it works.

Time for bed.

Crewing the TR event tomorrow.

I’m sure much more fun to come!

Until next time . . . oh no here comes the train at 11:30 PM . . . whistle just a blowing.  ROFL

Good night!