I’m not drunk, stupid, incompetent or on drugs. I have been blessed with an autoimmune disease.

Update on me it’s been awhile.  I’ve been on a different journey lately, playing a game of
“Doctor Sock Hop”.    

I’m in a place where people are stumbling, swaying swinging, twirling, spinning but there isn’t any dancing.  Just hopping from doc to doc, test to test & eliminating the issues I don’t have.

  • Turns out I have Vertigo but it involves Meniere’s disease.  Basically Vertigo plus some added bonuses.  Yay for me!
  • Oh . . . but the good news is, we all thought I was a huge klutz growing up. Turns out that part of that was due to the imbalance.  Ha!
  • So no more walking into walls, doors, corners, tripping over lines.  I’m working with a therapist who specializes in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT).  Unlike Zoolander, I mostly turn, lean, fall to the left.  Ha!
  • The Physical Therapist is teaching me how to balance, “kind of like a baby learning how to walk”.

I don’t share this for sympathy or  attention,  Just sayin’ if you know anyone that has had Vertigo, Meniere’s, or any autoimmune disease. . . be a little more understanding.

Think about it this way, have you ever:

  • been drunk hugging a toilet?
  • had a virus hugging a toilet?
  • had the flu, can’t get out of the bed and hugging a trashcan?
  • or gotten off the merry-go-round and had to find the nearest trashcan to hug?

Odds are you have experienced at least one or maybe all.  Now, try and remember those feelings you had i.e. nausea, depression, anxiety, embarrassment, and a massive headache to top it off. Then take it and multiply it by 5 and for some by 7-10.  Some people can’t even get out of bed because the room is just constantly spinning around knocking them back down.

Ironically enough, I’ve had family, friends, acquaintances who have basically run away screaming like it’s a case of the “cooties”.

Wouldn’t it be more respectful to research the problem, educate, and know more about the facts of autoimmune diseases? Nah, no time for that.

  • Easier to just:
    • gossip and judge to make them feel even more worthless?
    • call them a wimp?
    • tell them ”get up and exercise”?
    • comment rudely “watch what you’re putting into your mouth”!
    • assume they’re drunk or on some heavy drugs?
    • assume “they‘re just incompetent”?
    • abandon, ignore, and walk away?

If you take the easy way, then as my grandmother used to say “shame on you . . . shame on you”.

No attention or pity needed. Just sharing my experiences and hoping to raise awareness of something I knew nothing about.

How does this relate to nutrition? I don’t quite know yet but I’ll be experimenting on myself. I’ll start with the lessons I learned in the Body Type Nutrition courses. Oh, and there were blogs and probably a Ben Coomber podcast on autoimmune diseases vs. nutrition. Yay!

There’s always a solution. Just have to find a reliable source you can trust.

On a silly note, my husband and friends are having fun with reenacting
my stumbles or falls. Or finding the perfect gift . . . just look at my new shirt.  Ha!

Great friends are always there to make fun of you or to make light of an odd situation and make you smile.  Love ya’ll DD & Chris.

Always remember I’m just one click away.

Until next time.


Your Coach and Friend,

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