Not too clever Hackers take a Selfie and post it on-line of the page they hacked.

Hello my friends,

Normal day in my life. These two girls with nothing better to do on a Friday night hacked my Instagram business account (fit50andfab).  Here’s their picture and part of their email address.

According to Instagram, the email reset link went to f******

Yeah, I tried f— but that wasn’t it. Do you know them?  Make sure to let them know to take a better or funnier picture next time.

And how the hell do you get in touch with Facebook or Instagram by email, phone or chat?  I have been trying to figure this out for days and the Help Centers are not very helpful.

Luckily the girls made it too easy by posting that pic.

***I HONESTLY THINK  we should make it go viral.  ***They obviously weren’t trying to be anonymous!


Until next time,


Your friend & Coach, Jess

P.S.:  Hey Ronel Williams, I can’t make this shit up. Ha!