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GM or Good Morning or Hey Ya’ll,

A little early on this but thinking it’s Monday, Monday . . .


I don’t mind Mondays but I know quite a few people who do feel that way.

Enjoy the ride and for your reading or viewing pleasure.

My latest blog (food of course):

And a workout courtesy of Tanner Baze . . .  one of my favorite programs,
a ladder program.

Great way to:

  • conquer an effective 20-30 minute workout.
  • underutilized, simple way to design a program on your own.

If you’re up for the challenge, give this one a try:

  • Front squat x10 – Pull-up x1
  • Front squat x9 – Pull-up x2
  • Front squat x8 – Pull-up x3
  • Front squat x7 – Pull-up x4
  • Front squat x6 – Pull-up x5
  • Front squat x5 – Pull-up x6
  • Front squat x4 – Pull-up x7
  • Front squat x3 – Pull-up x8
  • Front squat x2 – Pull-up x9
  • Front squat x1 – Pull-up x10

Try to rest no more than 45-60 seconds between each exercise.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to choose front squats and pull-ups. You can use that format with any 2 exercises.

  • non-surgical butt lift exercise such as
    deadlift along with a pushup;

  • or on-the-road, bodyweight exercises like
    squat and push-up.

As always, let me know what you think -or- if you are looking for a more specific exercise routine or recipe, let me know.

Have a great day and stay peachy my friends.

Your friend and coach, Jessica