Metabolism Rollercoaster – enjoy the ride

Last weekend I went to a workshop which was similar to one I had been to before . . .

Of course, it wasn’t crap but I had heard it many times before.

The topic was “meta”bolism and I definitely could relate.  As mentioned before, I’ve messed with my ‘meta’ more times than I can count which resulted in problems with my thyroid.

 In the workshop we talked about ways to fix the “meta”, including,

Supplements such as:

•Green Tea – Assist with fat oxidation and thermogenesis.

•Fish Oil – Specifically Omega 3s which stimulate Leptin … telling the brain you are full.

•Amino Acids are essential to help build lean muscle.

*but only supplement what you are not getting from real, whole foods.

Cleaning up Nutrition:

•Break the fast . . . Eat Breakfast to keep meta working more efficiently.

•Small meal – 5 per day keeps blood sugar levels consistent and prevents weight gaining spikes in meta.

•Switch to organic food where possible to avoid exposing thyroid to toxins.

•Avoid trans fats that lead to insulin and inflammation. . .  leading to a decrease in muscle.


Physical . . . Take care of your body:

•Sleep – 7 to 9 hours per night thus reducing cortisol spikes.

•Interval Training raises metabolism for up to 3-4 hours after workout.

•Strength Training – Every pound of muscle increases burning ability by 50 cals per day.

Until next time, you might want to consider “bending and snapping”.

Stay peachy my friends!


Your Friend and Coach, Jessica
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