No Cuts, No Butts, No Interrupts . . . Buttlift, my favorite subject.


It’s Friday!  Not really but it was when I originally wrote this . . .

And this Friday let’s get your best ASS-et in shape and back where it belongs.

I always tease my clients when they are performing a deadlift or leaping lunges that they are “lifting their butts without the surgery”.  I didn’t realize there was an exercise referred to as  “non-surgical butt lift”.  Ha!

Low & behold it’s not the deadlift or leaping lunges but is a single leg deadlift.  Over the past year I have incorporated that move into workouts.  In fact I did those today, as well as KB deadlifts.  It throws off my balance and makes me focus on my core so I don’t fall over.  I kinda look like an oil rig slightly leaning.  Just kidding.

My favorite exercise has always been the traditional deadlift with a heavy kettlebell or bar.  The single leg deadlift is a great way to start before advancing to the KB and the traditional deadlift with a bar.

I like to perform single leg deadlifts at least every other week.  My DH (Dear Husband) says they aren’t very manly but he could see how they could be effective.  (Gotta love a man, that stands behind you, watches your butt, and then critiques you.)

What’s the key to a great looking Ass-et you ask . . . 

When I do them,

  • I start with a slight bend in my knee.
  • KB or DB in the right hand then lifting the left leg contra-laterally.

Beginners:  How to incorporate this “butt lift” exercise into your workout.

  1. Start with one KB in the hand opposite the straight leg.
  2. Remember it’s a hip hinge not a squat that fires up the entire posterior chain. Therefore, slowly hinge your hips back while also hinging your knee until you have a very flat back.  (No rounding)  You will look kinda like a bird pecking seeds off the ground.  Or at least that’s what my Power instructor used to say.
  3. Moving leg stays straight out, with minimal knee bend to keep your spine aligned properly, being careful to never let your chest drop lower than your hips.
  4. Hinge back and sit deep.
  5. Your vision should be straight ahead or pick a spot about 4 feet in front.  Important to not look down at the KB!
  6. Start as one of the first exercises of your routine. Injury may occur if you perform this exercise when fatigued.
  7. Focus just on the movement pattern alone, with no weight at all.
  8. Reps:
  • Body weight – 10 per side.
  • Advance to light weight – 5 per side.

Intermediate and Advanced:  Heavier weight, with two KBs.
I really like this variation and need to incorporate it into my routine.

Use the Same Warm-up as Beginners:

  • Warm up the hamstrings with deadlift movement pattern, no weight at all.
  • Reps:  10 per side; Advance to light weight – 5 per side.
  • BEGIN with #1-3 above.
  • While hinging, grip the handles of the KBs firmly, while pulling shoulders back engaging lats.
  • Hinge hip forward while bringing the KB with you. Lock out your stabilizing leg and squeeze your glute.
  • Reps: moderate to heavy – 5.

*Remember:  Start as one of the first exercises of your routine. Injury may occur if you perform this exercise when fatigue has set in.


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No, it’s not there yet but check later or I’ll try to remember to post the link with next week’s blog.  I’ll be turning 53 in a few weeks, and you know they say “the memory” is first to go.  Seriously, I think that started in my 30s, after the second child.

Until next time.
Stay Peachy my friends.

Your Friend and Coach Jessica
World Gym Fayette

**These are just my opinions. Check with your General Practitioner or Trainer before starting any exercise routine.