PAIN vs. SORENESS . . . What to Do? What to Do.

Hello my friend,

When a client tells me they are sore . . .
My first response is:                       

Then I remember a personal trainer is supposed to be compassionate.
First thing I think of is an Epsom salt bath.  The magnesium helps with soreness. 
But then again what is Soreness?
When to worry and when not to?
Will your body adapt?
Keep in mind there are differences between “pain” (bad) and “soreness” (ok):


Pain (bad)

  • Pinpointed
  • Sharp
  • Persists longer than 72hrs
  • Occurs in a joint (not always pain as soreness can feel like
    it’s coming from a joint as well)

Soreness (ok)

  • Tender to touch
  • Not pinpointed
  • Lasts less than 72hrs
  • Occurs as a result of unaccustomed exercise so proper linear progressions programs should see a decrease in soreness over tim

When in doubt contact your General Practitioner.

Don’t self diagnose and self treat.

Did you know that several days with the heating pad can lead to other problems?  I found out the hard way.

Yes, this is my back.  My Dear Husband said “It looks like something straight out of “Tales of the Crypt”.  Me:  “Beautiful, eh?”

My client said “Leave it to you to have something weird”.  Me:  “Yeah, and, your point?”  As the derm blog (more) says “I can’t make this stuff up.”

Keep up the good work my friends
but refer to a GP or Dermatologist
when your body starts looking like a Zombie, straight out of TWD (The Walking Dead).

Until next time . . . stay peachy my friends.



Your Friend & Coach Jessica
Personal Trainer & Fitness Coac
FIt50andFab, LLC