In the words of Zig Ziglar . . . Don’t Be a SNIOP!

Are you a SNIOP . . . Someone who is Sensitive to the Negative Influence Of Others?

I used to be easily influenced by others with regards to what I ate or drank.  What am I saying . . . with regards to oh, everything.

SNIOP is an acronym, yes, so let’s break it down:

S – Susceptible
N- Negative
I- Influence
O- Other
P- People

So make a “note to self “Don’t allow yourself to be a person who is Susceptible to the Negative Influence of Other People”.

How many times have you started on your journey to health and fitness and been sabotaged by well-meaning friends and family?

“What’s one drink?”  or one time someone told me, ”I’m going to hold you down and feed you a cheeseburger. Another good one, “Just have a bite”  That has to be my favorite because 1 leads to 2, which leads to 3, which leads to . . . you get the picture.

Do you remember the commercial where the boy asks the owl “How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a toostie roll pop”.  The owl takes the pop, unwraps it and proceeds to lick it.  Ah, one, Ah two, Ah three then he reaches the center by biting it.

Think for yourself and remember why you started in the first place.

Be a leader not a follower.  No rules say you need to abandon your goals to keep someone company on their journey to unfit & unhealthy.

Same as women don’t have to go to the bathroom because their friend has to go.  “The bathroom really SMELLS.”   Save yourself, “don’t go” or “wait outside.”

Hang with your healthy friends, spoil your body, have energy, great moods, enjoy what you eat, and try these 7 steps to a sustainable lifestyle.

  1. Start with small goals or “little wins”.

  2. Commit (oh, there’s that word that makes some people RUN) – Post, tweet, share it with others.

  3. Make sure the pros massively outweigh the cons.  What is waiting for you at the finish line

  4. Think about situations coming up i.e. parties, trips, family functions, etc.  Prepare yourself to say “yes” to what you want/need and “no” to things you really don’t want or need.

  5. Find something you can sustain in your lifestyle.  Do quick fixes or crazy diets really work?  Well yeah but only temporarily until the end of the 6, 12, 18 week challenge.

  6. Create a plan of action.  Write or draw it out.

  7. Most important – Set a date for your celebration and make it meaningful  , , not revolving around food.  i.e. vacation, spa day, mani & pedi, dressing in an outfit you haven’t been able to wear for years   . . . That, to me is the ultimate celebration.  I calling it “going shopping” in my closet.  No hassle, no money, just pure satisfaction.

Not an analyzer, try some fun tips that I use with my clients:

  1. Instead of keeping a written log, take a photo with the phone every time you sit down to eat. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

  2. Lay out gym clothes and shoes the night before or better yet I have a client who wears her workout clothes to bed and has everything needed waiting by the door (shoes, keys, water, fruit).  [Seriously . . . I cannot make this stuff up.  LOL] 

  3. Play “spontaneous food war” at random times during the day.

    -Text a picture of what you’re eating to your coach challenging them to send
    one back.

    -Whoever is on track, gets points. Winners announced weekly or monthly.

    -Bonus points for creativity/something delish and still healthy makes it
    challenging and fun.

    -Compete against others.

  4. Focus on one small habit and completely disregard anything else i.e. eat protein at every meal.  Don’t start a new habit until you are successful & comfortable with the first one.

    5.  Buddy up with your coach or “random text” partners . . . “How ya doin’?”  

           “How’s the eating?” “How’s the workout?”  “Are you taking time to recover.” “Have I told yo
lately how awesome you are?”

     6.   Keep in mind that “your” goals are “your goals”.  Make sure they’re your own.  If you love your
goals, you’ll make it work.

Gain the confidence to stay with “your goal” and avoid becoming Susceptible to the Negative Influence of Other People.

Remember I’m right beside you . . , only a text, tweet, PM, call away.



Your Friend & Coach Jessica
Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach