Don’t be “Purr-fect”. Just Be Better.

Hello my friends,

So you are dealing with winter weight gain?  And you punted your New Year’s resolution a month ago?

What to do?   What to do?

This is a common problem for many.  Packing on a few pounds during the winter months.  It’s like we store up and hibernate like bears away from the cold.

Spring and then Summer will be here before you know it, so time to put on the gloves, and fight back.  Who’s with me?
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Most important . . . Sleep tops the list for health & fitness

We’ve talked about this before but sleep is so important for your health.

Ya’ll know I follow Ben Coomber (#1 health & fitness podcast – UK).  He once again referenced the importance of sleep is his  podcast.  Give it a listen (here) – Podcast #238.

The importance of good quality sleep!  Good quality food effects good quality sleep which effects feeling healthy which effects sleeping . . .

and sleep effects what and how much you choose to eat.

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In the words of Zig Ziglar . . . Don’t Be a SNIOP!

Are you a SNIOP . . . Someone who is Sensitive to the Negative Influence Of Others?

I used to be easily influenced by others with regards to what I ate or drank.  What am I saying . . . with regards to oh, everything.

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