Let’s Start the 2017 Year Off Right With the 5K Club (Total 5,000 Reps) in 6 Months


                              Let’s Start the 2017 Year Off Right                     

             With the 5K Club (Total 5,000 reps) in 6 Months

January – June 2017:

  • Cost = FREE for World Gym members
  • Meet 1 exercise goal of 5,000 for a prize
  • Meet all 3 exercise goals of 5,000 each for a bigger prize
  • Saturday July 1st – Group Workout & July 4th Celebration /
    5K Club Achievers & Over-Achievers



Pick 1 of the 3 exercises.

  1. KB Deadlifts or Swings –OR–
  2. Push-ups   – OR–
  3. KB Squats.

Pick all 3 of the exercises.

  1. KB Deadlifts or Swings   –AND–
  2. Push-ups   – AND–
  3. KB Squats.

Figure out how many you need to do daily, add 5 extra in case you miss a day or 2. J

Don’t like to add? No worries, I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet for you. Send me
an email with the subject “5K” and I’ll send it to you. Then all you will need to do
is type the number of reps done per day. The formula will do the rest.
Never used a Kettle Bell before? No worries reserve your spot now . . . FREE
KB Techniques Class on Saturday, January 7th or January 21st at 8:00 A.M. upstairs
at World Gym – Hwy 74, PTC. The KB swing, deadlifts and squats are some of the best KB all-over body exercises. But you must do them properly to reap the benefits.


For kicks & grins, challenge a Trainer to do it with you. I’m definitely in.

Want a monthly check-in? No problem. Get on the list or contact Jess Beardsell.

Contact information
Email: jessica@fit50andfab.com
Website: www.fit50anfab.com
Facebook: fit50andfab
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