Competition is Key

I don’t normally sit this long for a sport unless it’s my boys playing hockey but I’ve made an exception for the ATL Falcons.



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New Recipes / Whole Food

This morning I taught a 5:15 A.M. bootcamp at World Gym Lexington.  It was a good class with everyone happy to be there.  Well maybe mostly happy to be there.  They were smiling . . . or mostly smiling.  🙂

Just a question . . . Do people realize that it’s their responsibility to put the equipment they use back after they are finished?  I thought so.


Let me describe it . . .

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It’s Motivation Monday and the 2nd of January, 2017.  So I’m wondering . . .

What Motivates You?


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Let’s Start the 2017 Year Off Right With the 5K Club (Total 5,000 Reps) in 6 Months


                              Let’s Start the 2017 Year Off Right                     

             With the 5K Club (Total 5,000 reps) in 6 Months

January – June 2017:

  • Cost = FREE for World Gym members
  • Meet 1 exercise goal of 5,000 for a prize
  • Meet all 3 exercise goals of 5,000 each for a bigger prize
  • Saturday July 1st – Group Workout & July 4th Celebration /
    5K Club Achievers & Over-Achievers

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