New Year . . . Different than last year?

First off, please let me say “Thank you” for your comments and suggestions over the year.  It helps me learn and grow.


I wrote a blog in January 2016 and when I read it today it was both familiar and unfamiliar to me.

Started off with Darren Hardy who I no longer listen to.  


Because of what I said in the blog in January . . .  Mr. Hardy was mentored by Jim Rohn and TR (Tony Robbins) “worked for Jim Rohn as a youngster.  Get the connection . . . similarities in their teachings.”  So, it got to the point where everything Mr. Hardy was saying/teaching was not new to me.

On my list of people I’m following on this health & fitness journey still remains Ben Coomber and TR.  I went to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar twice this year and still continue to watch and rewatch videos weekly, read TR’s books or listen to audio, i.e. “Move and Breathe” and “Get Grateful & Visualize” of TR’s Hour of Power.

It still “gets my mind right and gets me on track to create a great day.”

And, well everyone already knows how much of an influence Benny, Ben, Ben has been the last few years.  Nothing has changed there.  LOL

Since finding TR in 1999, I’ve been a strong believer in learning about:

  1. State of Mind;
  2. Perspective;
  3. Limiting Beliefs; and
  4. Mindset.

All goes hand-in-hand in my opinion.

And even more so, since attending the UPWs.


Did you know that experts say that most New Year’s resolutions will be broken by January 15th. Good thing I started back on my health & fitness journey in 2015. I may have stumbled but it’s about habit changing not being perfect.

  • One step at a time.
  • One habit at a time.
  • Lifestyle changes.
  • Nothing too radical.
  • Only lifestyle changes that we will continue with . . .
    not depriving ourselves or adding undue stresses.
  • Only compete against ourselves.

This year has been great; full of learning; and following one goal after another; and as they say I “nailed it”.

For 2017, I don’t have resolutions, only continue on my health & fitness journey and learning regarding personal training, nutrition, and mindset.

I still agree with D. Hardy, except that 2016 will continue on as 2017.

I’ve already had my “turning point“.
My moment forward.
I continue to takeconsistent action” to improve  myself and my life.
     “Life” has changed and “will never be the same.”


Whatever you decide:

  • make a plan to start.
  • find a support program.
  • Pick one habit to work on and improve.
  • Make 2017 your year on your health & fitness journey!

I’m right here with you.

Please continue to send your comments and suggestions to my email or Facebook PM @Jessie Lynne or @Fit50andFab).  I do read every one.

In the meantime, stay peachy my friends!


Your friend and Coach, Jessica