New Year . . . Different than last year?

First off, please let me say “Thank you” for your comments and suggestions over the year.  It helps me learn and grow.


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Put That Cookie Down! Arnold Schwarzenegger

Are you told “Don’t eat the Christmas cookies!”
by your trainer or yourself?


Put That Cookie Down!
Arnold Schwarzenegger

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A Nature’s Culture Lies in the Soul of its People – Gandhi

Started the day at the office, Starbucks by the window where the drive-thru is.  Only in the Peachtree City Bubble would you see a golf cart ordering at the drive-thru.

My lesson and assignment for today was with regards Culture.

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.

– Mahatma Gandhi

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Ben Coomber – podcast 217


Started off the weekend with Ben Coomber and podcast #217 (Toxins, the Gut and Hypnotherapy with Jaclyn Dunne); Ben’s video Diet: The DIsease of Our Generation; walked 3 miles in support of a cure for Leukemia (blood diseases) in Downtown ATL; and ended with a PN Lesson regarding the importance of nutrition, along with diet and exercise .  

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