Lose fat, gain muscle with Anna -5 inches


Anna and I met earlier this year at the gym in a boot camp class that I was instructing. The class was held in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays at stupid o’clock (5:00 A.M.) but Anna was always there smiling, working hard, and at the same time bubbly.

To know Anna, is to love her. Her simile, her sense of humor, and kind heart make her an instant friend. Her passion, motivation and dedication left me awe stuck for sure and we kept in touch regarding health, nutrition, training after that.

In July, both Anna and I started taking a nutrition program powered by PN ProCoach. We are now 15 weeks into the course, and Anna inspires me every week with her dedication and more importantly her creative ways with food.


Anna is always prepared be it for work or soccer, training, or what not. I often get a giggle from her ready to eat food packaging in mason jars or I get hungry seeing her pictures of her good healthy salads or prepared food.

In the 3 months we have worked together on Nutrition, her  hard work has paid off. She has lost fat and gained muscle . . . lost 5 inches overall.

More importantly though Anna has built a new relationship with food and still maintained enough energy for her tough. training schedule, complete with triathlons (run, swim, bike), you name it . . . she does it!

Through ProCoach and the Body Type Nutrition Academies, we’ve both learned so much about how to deal with food and maintain a healthy, delicious way of eating. We “add” healthy foods and habits. We don’t “subtract, restrict, starve” ourselves.

We are almost half way through but still going strong.

So proud of Anna Clarke Aponte!

Keep it up girl!!