Final Tip of Better Ways to Track Progress — 7. It feels more like a lifestyle than a “diet”

It’s time to break the yo-yo dieting cycle the PN ProCoach way.  I’ve been studying, teaching, testing and practicing this program for over a year now and it works.

My clients and I have lost inches & weight or inches & maintained weight.  And, the final step was to get rid of the D I E T and change our relationship with food.

7. It feels more like a lifestyle than a “diet”

“Diets” are a chore. They’re another to-do that you superimpose over your busy life, and another boring, strict, overly complicated task you can’t wait to quit.

When we do quit — because of course we do, it’s temporary, right? — we’re back where we started. Back “off the diet”. Back to processed foods, never-ending hunger, frustration, and weight gain.
What progress looks like:

Progress here happens when you’re just… living. You’re in a nice, natural, normal-day rhythm that doesn’t feel like being “on” or “off” anything.

Eating well stops being A Thing and just starts being your daily life.

You naturally gravitate toward whole foods. You pick the salmon over the hot dog without even thinking about it. You think, “A fresh salad would be nice”, and you really mean it.

You have a plan. Prepping meals in advance and keeping healthy backup options on hand is a regular part of your weekly routine now. You look for challenges and develop strategies for staying on track.

You don’t “mess up” anymore.

Let me be clear: 

You still eat the birthday cake and the Christmas cookies and maybe go ahead and snarf the tub of popcorn at the movie theater. You don’t consider this “bad” or “guilt-inducing” any more.

They’re just an occasional part of enjoying life. You savor them and then go back to eating mostly fresh, whole foods like you always do. No biggie.

Yep, this is also possible. It’s a natural and normal consequence of eating and exercising in a sensible and sane way. And it’s a sign of progress, regardless of what the scale is doing.

I’m excited to say I’ve had that experience, at the movies non-the-less.  I usually go to the movies and overindulge.  It’s like if I watched a movie out I had the excuse that I could eat popcorn, candy and soda beyond fullness.  Happy to say the last time I went I had treats until satisfied, then put them to the side not feeling deprived or guilty afterwards.

What a great experience to feel.  I heard it was possible and I actually know some people who eat sweets for pleasure and satisfaction.  I’m married to one of those freaks . . . I mean I’ve always admired that quality in my Dear Husband.   But had never been able to do that myself without strict dieting and deprivation.

Well things they are a changing.

Which brings us back to what started this email chain in the first place . . . Add Don’t Subtract.
What to do next:

If you’re tired of being a slave to the scale, here are some ways to start breaking free.

Add, don’t subtract.

If you’re in a “diet mentality”, each day feels like a new battle to avoid the “bad foods”. So let’s flip that.

Add, don’t subtract.

Don’t “avoid” your “junk food”.

Don’t “avoid” your prepackaged meals.

Don’t “avoid” dessert.

Just add so much healthy stuff — water, lean protein, fresh fruit and vegetables — that there’s less room or desire left over for food that doesn’t support your goals.

And at first, look for what you gain rather than what you lose. Like muscle. Strength. Confidence. Energy. Sanity.

Measure — and celebrate — your progress.

Look for signs of progress everywhere. Everything counts, no matter how small.

Track them.

Celebrate them like that first springtime crocus.

Focus on little things.

Make mini-goals.

Nano-goals, if you want.

For the day. For the week. For the next five minutes.

Whatever you need to stay on track and feeling like you can do this.

Each time you hit those tiny goals, reward yourself (in a healthy way).

Shoot me an email and let me know how you are gettin’ on.


Until then, stay peachy my friends.
 Your Coach Jessica