Bragging rights . . . Yeppers!

tumblr_n9yoxbftLt1ssz8w0o1_1280     I just have to brag . . . my DH Scott Beardsell has been working so hard these past few months training and working out. I could share what I learned and taught him something he didn’t know but I can honestly say I couldn’t keep up with him.

He also changed to a plant based diet after the TR Unleash the Power Within conference in Dallas last month. DON”T feel sorry for us. We’ve given up nothing but processed food! We tried knew & different tasty foods. He has found the most delicious recipes to make satisfying meals… and I am VERY picky!

Well any ways . . . he took 2nd place in his race today!!!

He hasn’t caught his breathe yet but texted me. I’m so excited for him. After 4th & 5th places, (which are AWESOME to me) but not his goal.
I’m doing a happy dance in the middle of Starbucks! Can’t stop smiling! So happy for him and proud! But better yet . . . happy that he’s happy & proud. YAY!

Pictures to follow . . .

Love, live with passion & be OUTSTANDING every day!