Ben Coomber – #1 . . . If you’re not first, you’re last. (Ricky Bobby)


I found Benny Ben Ben on the Ben Coomber podcast early 2015 through a podcast called Fat2Fit.  He was interviewed on there and it was BC love at first site listening to podcasts which mostly also were on YouTube.  iTunes #1 UK Health & Fitness podcast.  He lives in the UK; has a great story; his beliefs and teachings are real; he walks the walk.  I listened to over 300 podcasts in the span of a little over a month; have watched numerous videos; read blogs; his writings on Facebook and Twitter; joined his Body Type Nutrition Foundation Academy and am now doing the BTN Advanced Academy.  To use his words “the man is a legend” in all that he’s taught me already and what I’m continuing to learn.

Great video . . .