A few taboo things . . . depression, anxiety, suicide

What am I going to tell you on this Journey?  

What will I share with you? 

How does it relate to you? 

It’s a typical Thursday morning. I wake up at 4:00 a.m.; workout at 5:00; make protein shake at 6:30, drink shake while cleaning up the dishes; shower off the sweat and gym germs; and prepare myself for the iPrime daily call at 7:00. Read more

Rolling Rolling Rolling . . . Keep That Body Rolling. Rawhide!

If you are still of a mind that foam rollers are for everyone else, then you are missing out on one of the most effective tools at your disposal for physique-building, recovery and injury prevention. Rollers are the most popular mechanism for self-myofascial release, or SMR, and are gaining popularity among elite athletes of all walks because of the drastic and usually immediate impact it has on their performance and overall health. Here are some of the most frequently discussed aspects of SMR as it pertains to dedicated lifters. Read more

Bragging rights . . . Yeppers!

tumblr_n9yoxbftLt1ssz8w0o1_1280     I just have to brag . . . my DH Scott Beardsell has been working so hard these past few months training and working out. I could share what I learned and taught him something he didn’t know but I can honestly say I couldn’t keep up with him. Read more

Atlanta 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer – Support

IMG_6225  It is a pleasure and an honor to once again be walking with ~The Pink Ladies~ to help support the fight against breast cancer.  I walk in honor of:

  • Patricia Johnson
  • Kathleen Johnson
  • the many other men and women who will develop breast cancer in their lifetime
  • the many that are living undetected right now
  • as well as the survivors alive today

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doTERRA oils – They work for real for real . . .

doterraLogo_md_colors  A friend told me about doTERRA oils.  His wife made him try them to help with his blood pressure and insomnia.  After listening to his success stories for about 6 months and reading an article by Precision Nutrition (What do the data really say about essential oils?), I decided to give them a try. Read more

Darla Delgado – Smart, Talented & Gorgeous!


My cousin, my friend, an inspiration, and a beautiful person both inside out.  Darla has been performing since she was 4 years old,  She started modeling when she was 19 when she was a Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleader.   Read more

Euseph Messiah – The Entire Package

legacy                                     IMG_58071I

met SM (Superman) years ago and we were instant friends.  Well I was more like his mother and he more like a son that put up with my nagging and offers of help.  He is a young,  gifted, good looking, multi-talented actor/writer / producer, singer Read more

Ben Coomber – #1 . . . If you’re not first, you’re last. (Ricky Bobby)


I found Benny Ben Ben on the Ben Coomber podcast early 2015 through a podcast called Fat2Fit.  He was interviewed on there and it was BC love at first site listening to podcasts which mostly also were on YouTube.  iTunes #1 UK Health & Fitness podcast.  He lives in the UK; has a great story; his beliefs and teachings are real; he walks the walk.  I listened to over 300 podcasts in the span of a little over a month; have watched numerous videos; read blogs; his writings on Facebook and Twitter; joined his Body Type Nutrition Foundation Academy and am now doing the BTN Advanced Academy.  To use his words “the man is a legend” in all that he’s taught me already and what I’m continuing to learn.

Great video . . . 



Tony Robbins – some say cults or aliens . . . I say pure awesomeness!

Tony  Met TR in the late 90s.  Not physically . . . mentally.  But I will meet him personally one day the next time is he close enough to GA.  We’ve been through a lot together and many a nights I have fallen asleep to the sound of his voice on YouTube.  That is true.  I can’t make this stuff up.

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