57 Years of Marriage, 8 Children & Still at It! Happy Anniversary to My Awesome Parents!

Who are these two stunning people, you ask. I’m proud & blessed that they are my parents. Today they celebrate their 57th Anniversary.  I was just telling Scott yesterday that I want to take a trip to Florida soon to see my family. With all my learning, shadowing, teaching, it’s been awhile.


I’ve done a lot of growing & reflecting in the past year and a half, which has brought back many childhood memories. My parents raised 8 very independent, passionate and loving children. Each one the same & each one so very different!

Memories flood . . . Grandparents house on Clark Avenue, next door to mi Abuela’s sister & family, fencing around both the houses sharing a big backyard for playing. The big tree we used to climb daily, the banana trees and flower bushes, clothes line for hanging clothes to dry, and poles meant to climb & flip off, lizards, tomboys, softball, baseball, recreational center in the summer, that distinct Ramos smell, sunkissed by the sun, dinnertime laughing sessions.

Beach, picnics, fireflies, Lowry Park, cleaning crabs for cooking & then cracking & eating along with some Cuban bread and spaghetti if we had the patience to wait for it, fishing, tuna casserole (Haven’t had it in years but a comfort food nonetheless which I love and my family grew tired of eating.) Spanish dishes. Matching clothes made by mom and grandma. Sunshine Skyway Bridge which started my fear of bridges with water underneath . . . until my teenage son convinced me to drive on it one day so his friend could experience it.

Car rides in the family staion wagon with wood paneling without seatbelts, hot, no a/c. Odd how I even remember it was an Ambassador. Don’t know the year though. Always surprised how boys/men can know the year of a car by looking at the headlights?? Sunday drives to spook mountain, various other places, or the airport. We’d love to go to the airport and watch the planes take off from inside the terminal or on the roof of the parking lot at the airport. Drive-in movies with scratchy speakers hanging on the car window.

station wagon

‪Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (from “Mary Poppins”) – Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke‬ here ===>>

TV (Disney movies), love for Westerns with John Wayne & Miss Kitty. Clint Eastwood “Go ahead. Make my day.” Gone with the Wind . . . Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. Wizard of Oz, Sound of Music. (knowing every word & every song), Mary Poppns, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, Phatom of the Opera, Willie Wonka. Sunday musicals with my mom watching Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, Singing in the Rain.  Ironic how the dogs I rescued have those names and we kept their names as Fred & Ginger.  Even though 20-somethings think the names come from Gilligan’s Island show.  Frank Sinatra. Gene Kelly, Jerry Lewis’ & Who’s on First?, Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, soft shoe, ball room dancing, dancing that defied gravity, Gentlemen & Ladies, which lead to me watching an hour’s worth of videos on YouTube this morning.


Which brings me to a life for of love for all kinds of music. My iTunes library holding various genres of music, listened to in shuffle mode. Can go from Bach to Rappers’ Delight from Classical to Pop to Rock, Country, hip hop, alternative. . .

My life has come full circle. Raised two strong independent boys on love, sports, faith, music, and passion for giving everything and making the best of every situation. Same as my siblings . . . the same yet so different. We were raised to know that we were the richest of families in things that did not cost money and we remain in the riches of love, passion, kindest. We are truly blessed. So proud of the men they have become!

To my parents with love on this Special Anniversary Day!


Stay peachy my friends!