Calling all Sexy Men . . .

Day #8 iPrime Video Challenge . . . Please watch this video and POST your favorite muscles on a woman. These must be muscles that a woman can workout in the gym. I.e. glutes hammies quads abs shoulders triceps biceps etc.


My friend & mentor Tanner Baze wrote an article for titled Muscles Women Love on Men. He interviewed a bunch of women for the article . . . listed the body parts and gave the exercises to include in a workout routine to work those muscles.

As a challenge, I decided to write an article titled Muscles Men Love on Women so all you sexy men out there please watch this video and then send me your favorite muscles on a woman by responding in the comments. Women are welcome to vote as well . . . 2 or 3 favorite muscles would be good.

Watch the video first though for a laugh, smile, grin . . .
click here ====>> 

Stay peachy my friends!