Ben Coomber Boobs, Group Training & Life Musings; Ideals & Standards

If you have been to the “About” page or the Promo Video on my website …, then you know my story about my journey to become my fittest at 50.  I recently turned 52; am still on that journey; and will continue on the rest of my life.  To me, being strong and healthy is so important in life for so many reasons.

  • Quality of Life
  • Better moods
  • Lower risk of injury
  • Better focus
  • Ability to get around doing every day work free of pain, etc.

About a year and a half ago I quit my full-time job because I didn’t feel challenged.  I had every intention of going back into working as a legal secretary since I had 20+ years in that field and it was always challenging and fulfilling.  But low and behold life happened and I tripped over my Passion.

Being an athlete since I was in 4th grade and training with WG -Fayette since 2000s, I always loved being active and working out.  Never thought I had the patience or the know how to teach but as I said some times life happens.  I researched and talked to people and decided to become certified as a personal trainer at age 51.  I am a personal trainer and love it.  I have never looked back and continue to research, learn and grow every day.

legally blonde

However, where I lacked on my health & fitness journey was in nutrition until I took a nutrition course a few years back powered by PN ProCoach  I did so well and have changed many of my unhealthy eating habits.

I have discovered and love various vegetables, fish, fruits, and other foods I wouldn’t have dared to try before.  I struggle from time-to-time with my old sugar habit but my nutrition courses are helping me with that part of my journey.

This reason I told you all of that is today I was listening to the latest Ben Coomber / Rachel Guy Podcast #184 appropriately named . . . Boobs, Group Training & Life Musings.

At around minute 16:19, Ben is talking about body perfection.  This is another thing I’m passionate about because of the way we were raised to believe we had to look a certain way . . .
thin & trim, long and lean, and shredded.

Things Ben mentions as obstacles are:

  1. Top of mountain seems far away so most don’t even start walking.
  2. We look at perfect ideals compare ourselves and then stop trying to achieve our goals or life progression.

Some people do the same thing with careers.  We need to learn to live our best life and not be held back by ideal standards.

I’m not telling you to go quit your job like I did, but changing business careers later in life is perfectly acceptable.  And some times leads you to your passion like me.  The idea is to keep evolving in life and living a life that satisfies you not others.

The next topic on the podcast is big boobs and exercise.  I have never had a problem in that area so could not relate but I know several of my friends/family have made comments about their issues and could benefit.

The last topic is geared towards ladies’ issues so men may want to skip the end of the podcast.  LOL

If you are on my mailing list and have not received a free copy & videos of my core workout, shoot me an email.  I’m also working on a basic walk to run program since I’m going to get back to the trails and join my DH (Dear Husband) on some Dirty Spokes Trail runs.  Good times for sure . . . so keep a lookout for that.

Stay peachy my friends!