5 Ways to Listen Better . . . Julian Treasure

I was reading an article from a personal training program
that I’m enrolled in.

It was reminding PTs of the importance of listening to clients
and had a link ===>>

of a Ted Talk video. Listening by Sound Expert Julian Treasure
where he gives 5 ways to better listen.
I enjoyed the video since these principles can be applied
in all aspects of life:

  1. 3 min a day of silence (or quiet). I already practice this each day. I used to always have to have music or TV on at home but now I don’t have anything but the thoughts in my mind (if any). Or on quick drives around the PTC bubble, I realize that I never turned on the radio.
  2. Mixer – How many different channels do you hear when out or at a party/event? Do you hear other things or focus on the conversation you are in? – This I will need to work on because some times my mind does wander.
  3. Savoring – Noises such as the beat of the dryer or rhythm of a rolling brook or the wind blowing through tall grass.

images                         brook

This reminds me of the movie August Rush and a song from the soundtrack that I just love . . . August’s Rhapsody. There is a line at the end . . . “The music is all around us. All you have to do is listen.” Every day I enjoy picking up beats from mundane noises and connecting it to a song or beat. So don’t just Stop and Smell the Roses but also Stop and Listen to the Sounds All Around You.

august rush15.  Listening Positions

  1. Active/passive
  2. Reductive/expansive
  3. Critical/empathetic


6.  Acronyms

  1. Receive – pay attention
  2. Appreciate – make little noises such as “so”, “hhhhmmm”
  3. Summarize – “So . . . “
  4. Ask – ask questions

I am the queen of acronyms or nicknames as all my friends know
and tease me about.
Such as GM – Good Morning, GA – Good Afternoon,
DH – Dear Husband,
OOC – Out-of-Control, WUBC – What’s Up Buttercup?
so adding RASA to my vocab won’t be difficult.
And will remind me of conscious listening to create understanding.

Stay peachy my friends!